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October 12, 2013
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    “Why now?” You asked yourself as you coughed. The coughing hurt your already sore throat. You groaned as the coughing also added to your headache. “I hate being sick.” You rested your head on your pillow and closed your eyes. You would get up and get some medicine but every time you got up to go get it the room starting spinning.

    You closed your eyes as you tried to maybe sleep off the sickness. You started to relax when you heard a knock at your door. “Go away whoever you are.” You softly groaned. You heard the knock again. You sighed as you sat up from bed. “You better be freaking important.” You said to yourself as you stood and the room started to spin. You held your hand to your head as you walked down the hall of your apartment to the door. You weakly turned the doorknob and as you opened it you saw the one knocking on you door was very important.

    There stood your boyfriend Antonio Fernandez Carriedo. His olive green eyes and his chocolate brown locks that went so well with his tan skin. His laughter and smile could brighten up the room. That is when you could see it without the room spinning.

    “Hola mi amor.” He delightfully said with a smile as you opened the door. His smile disappeared seeing you slightly rocking back a forth with your (e/c) eye barely open. “______?” He said as you couldn’t stand anymore and fell to the floor. “Dios mío![Oh my god] ______!” Was the last thing you heard before all you saw was darkness.

    -Time Skip-

    Your (e/c) eyes flutter open as you saw you were in your front room but on your couch. You felt your favorite (fav color) fuzzy blanket as it was keeping you warm. The coolness of a washcloth on your forehead felt amazing.

    “Oh good you’re awake.” You heard as you turned your head seeing Antonio walking up to the couch and kneeling down to your level. “How are you feeling?”

    “A bit better.” You whispered as you throat was still sore. “I’m not complaining but why are you here, Antonio?”

    “I came here to take you out to a surprise lunch.” He smiled brushing your (h/c) hair behind your ear.

    “That’s really sweet but can we reschedule?” You asked as he nodded.

    “Of course, mi amor [my love].” Antonio smiled taking the wet cloth and dipping it in a bowl on your coffee table. You watched him as you saw a vase with (your favorite flowers) in it.

    “Where did those come from?” You asked not remembering having them there.

    “I brought those over for you.” Antonio saw what you were looking at. “Sorry they're messed up. When I went to catch you after you fainted I dropped them.” He scratched the back of his head.

    “They’re perfect.” You smiled at him. “Thank you.” You groaned as you head started hurting again. “Antonio. You might as well head home. I don’t want to get you sick too.”

    “I don’t mind taking care of you.” He smiled ringing out the washcloth and dunking it again. “What kind of boyfriend would I be not to spend our one year anniversary with my favorite chica?”

    “One year!?” You had totally forgotten that that was today and you were looking forward to it. You shot up realizing the day in a panic but the dizziness returned.

    “______!” Antonio reached up laying you back down. “You need to rest please.”

    “I can’t believe I forgot about today.” You weakly said. “I had it written down in so many calendars and post-it notes.” Tears peeked at your (e/c) eyes as you let them fall as you were disappointed in yourself. “I’m sorry for ruining our first anniversary.”

    “No, chica.” Antonio wiped away your tears. “It’s not ruined. I still get to spend today with the most niña hermosa  [beautiful girl] I know and get to take care of her.”

    You looked into his olive eyes as his smile made you smile. He kissed you on your cheek as he got up. "Good news is that your fever has gone done quite a bit.” He turned as he headed to the kitchen checking on something he was cooking. Later he returned with a tray that held a glass of water, a bowl of homemade tomato soup and a bottle of liquid medicine. You dreaded the medicine seeing you hated the taste of this kind. Antonio helped you sit up and poured the medicine in a spoon as he held it to you. “Open up.” He said as you sat there looking at him. “______, we both know in your healthy state I can still pin you to the ground with no problem. You’re going to take this medicine one way or another.” You just smiled at his threat as you opened your mouth allowing him to give you the medicine. You cringed at the taste as the harsh bitterness of the flavor spread in your mouth. Antonio held up another spoon but this one was filled with tomato soup. “It will help get rid of the bitter taste.” He told you as he feed you the soup. He was right. The taste of the soup really did take over the bitter taste of the medicine and cleared your mouth of an bitter tastes.

    You loved Antonio’s homemade tomato soup. It was the best you ever tasted and you couldn’t imagine anyone disliking it. After you finished the bowl of soup you rested leaning against Antonio’s chest as he ran his fingers through your (h/c) hair. As he heard your even breathing telling him you fell asleep he kissed you on top of your head. “Descansa bien[rest well], ______. Happy Anniversary, mi amor [my love].”
Yeah I wanted to do a short Spain x reader and so this is what I came up with ^^ Hope you enjoy.

Hetalia: doesn't belong to me
You: belong to :iconsexyspainplz:
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fusion1121 Featured By Owner Edited Aug 31, 2014
Amo este ficcíon, pero 'niña' means little girl, as in a female child.

Good words would be 'mujerita', which literally means little woman, or señorita.

Sorry if I sounded picky, lol.
fusion1121 Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2014
Ehh, no biggie! It was a good fic overall!
Mad-Mocha Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
and this is why I failed my Spanish class ^^;
elka-wiktor-mszynac Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2014  Student General Artist
This is weird but this fanart on the top

All I have to say is, dat thigh gap doe

I would sorta think he'd have more bigger thighs considering his beautiful ass but okay
Just an observation
MiraChan145 Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2014
AWWWWWWWWWWW ¡Toño! !Es tan perfecto! Toño! He's so perfect! (btw that's my preferred nickname for him, I think it's super cute and more Spanish than "Tony," although I use that one occasionally). Gah, he's just such a sweetie!!!!
JadetheKidR9 Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2014   General Artist
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Mad-Mocha Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Biggest lie of childhood
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