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September 10, 2013
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    “Achoo!” a sneeze left the sick American’s mouth. “I hate being sick.”

    “Ai-ya. Cover your mouth when you sneeze!” China yelled sneezing into a tissue. “That’s how this all started.”

    “Would you all get back to your rooms?” You asked them. You have had the Allies over for a meeting the few nights before when they all woke up coughing and sneezing so you decided that you would take care of them until they felt better.

    “Sorry, ______.” England sneezed. “We’ll try to stay out of your way, poppet.”

    “You guys aren’t in my way but if you want to get better I suggest you get back to bed!” You shooed the men out of your kitchen towards the hallway.

    “But Sunflower…” Russia said as you turned into his room.

    “Don’t you Sunflower me.” You told the large country as you pulled the sheets over him. “You guys need your rest.” You walked over to the room where France was already in bed.

    “I’d fell better if you come and lay in ‘ere wit’ me, mon cher.” He smiled as you shook your head.

    “No I have to take care of you all.” he frowned as you kissed his forehead feeling that he still had a fever.

    “How about you Canada?” You asked peered into a room with Canada in the bed.

    “I’m alright, ______.” He smiled as you tucked him in kissing his forehead feeling his fever as well.

    “I don’t know how I got sick, aru.” China coughed in his sheets in another room. “I think Russia got us sick.”

    “Why me?” Russia asked hearing China’s voice travel down the hall.

    “Excuse me, poppet?” England asked as you passed the room he was staying in. “Can I bother you for a cup of tea?”

    “Sure I’ll put some water on the stove.” You smiled as he thanked you. You walked down the small set of stairs as you walked into the kitchen setting your teapot in the kitchen sink and filled it up with water before setting it on the stove.

    “______!!!” you heard America whine your name.

    “Yeah?” you ran through the hall to his room.

    “Can you make me lunch?” He asked with puppy dog eyes.

    “Yeah sure.” You smiled. “But I don’t think McDonalds will be good for you so I’ll make some homemade chicken noodle soup. Sound good?”

    He pouted as you declined him of McDonalds but he nodded at your homemade soup.

    “How about the rest of you?” You asked walking down the hall as you heard agreement from everyone. “So there is something you all can agree on.” You smiled looking into China’s room. “Hey do you want some tea as well?”

    “Yes, Thank you, ______.” He smiled weakly as he started a coughing fit.

    “______?” You heard France as you walked in his room. “Can I get something to brighten up the room?” He asked looking around. “Every time you leave the room it gets so dull. ‘ell of course except with me being in ‘ere” He laughed as he coughed.

    “How about some Roses from my garden?”You asked seeing his smile break through the coughing.

    “Zat would be wonderful.”

    You smile as you rush back into the kitchen hearing the teapot whistling. You poured the hot water into two cups as you made the two teas know how both men took their tea. You hurried out grabbing your clippers as you got a few roses from your garden. You looked over seeing your sunflower patch knowing Russia would like some in his room you clip some of those too. You put the flowers in two vases and took the roses to France and took the Sunflowers to Russia

    “Sunflowers from my Sunflower?” Russia asked looking up as you were fixing them. You nodded as you pulled the sheets back onto Russia. “Lunch is almost ready.” You smiled as you left the room.

    You poured six bowls of soup as you held three bowl on each arm and balanced the as you went to serve the guys.

    “You’re amazing ______.” America told you as you handed him one of the bowl with a spoon.

    “Thanks I think.” You giggled as you went to England’s room.

    “Oh poppet let me help you with that.” He told you as he started to get out of bed.

    “No no I’m fine just take a bowl.” You told him as he sat back down taking his lunch. “Your tea will be coming along in a few minutes.” You smiled heading out the door again.

    “Thank you, love.” England took a spoon full of your homemade soup.

    After you got them all feed and gave the tea to both England and China you got them all to take some mediation, (Alfred refusing the most) Moments later you found the men sound asleep. You collected all the empty bowls and put them in the sink as you took wet washcloths and set them on each of the sick men’s forehead to bring down their fever. After you washed the dishes you crashed onto the sofa and sighed.

     “It’s like having six sons.” You giggle as you noticed in the whole playing nurse for your friends you forgot to make something to eat for you. You got up as you decided to make (fav homemade meal). As you were eating you jumped at a voice calling for you.

    “Duuudddddeeeeettttt!!!” America whined as you walked to the room he was staying in.

    “Yes?” You asked as you walked in.

    “Can I have another box of tissues?” He whined.

    “Yeah.” You smiled as you opened the hall closet getting a new box of tissues for the hero. You opened it and put it on the side table.

    “Thanks.” You smiled as you heard England calling you.

    “Yes?” You looked at the British man sitting up in his bed.

    “Would you mind finding me a book, love?” He asked as you flashed him a smile.

    “Sure hold on a second.” You told him turning around almost tripping on a small polar bear sitting in the hallway. “Oh Kumajiro are you looking for Canada?”

    “Who?” He looked at you as you sighed picking him up and taking him to Canada’s room setting him on the bed with Canada. You walked back as you looked at the clock noticing the time.

    “I’m going have to get dinner on a roll.” You said as you took some stuff out of the fridge and making the guys dinner.

    “______?” You heard China as you walked in the hall. “Can you make me some tea?”

    “Yeah.” You forced a smile as you heard a Russian accent asking for something then a French accent asking for something and then a Canadian accent was heard. You were running around the house grabbing different things as six different voices were heard asking for stuff when you walked in the hall it started spinning faster and fast until you finally fell to your knees.

    In no time your friends were by your side asking if you were alright as your face was in your hands.  

    “Poppet?” England asked as you looked at him with tired eyes.

    “Oh yes your book. I’ll go get it for you.” You said as he shook his head.

    “No it’s fine I can get it on my own.” He looked into your (e/c) eyes as he felt your face. “Oh love you’re burning up.”

    “So whatever is cooking.” America sniffed the air as you forgot you had dinner in the oven.

    “Oh no! Dinner!” You started to get up as England sat you back.

    “I will take care of dinner, mon cher.” France told you as he made his way to the kitchen.

    “We’ve got to get you into bed, Sunflower.” Russia told you as he picked you up bridal style and walked into your room at the end of the hall and set you in your comfortable bed.

    “I’ll make you some tea.” China said walking out into the hall.

    “But I have to get you guys better.” You weakly said as you felt tired all of a sudden.

    “You’ve done enough.” Canada told you as he hugged Kumajiro to his chest.

    “We’re well enough that our bodies will take care of the rest, Poppet.” England smiled at you. “It’s our turn.” He brushed your (h/c) hair out of your eyes as you smiled and your eyes started to close into a peaceful slumber.
Alright this was something I typed up and it turned into what you see now. I hope you enjoy it and if you don't I'm sorry.

Hetalia: doesn't belong to me.

You: I don't think you belong to me :XD:
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