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September 19, 2013
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    “Dude! ______!” You heard America grabbing your attention as you were walking out of the world meeting room. “Are you coming to my party tonight?”

    “Oh I don’t know.” You shrugged. You were a new country of ______ and only knew a few of the other countries. Going to America’s part might give you the chance to meet some of the other countries.

    “Hey America.” You saw China walk up. “Is Russia going tonight?”

    “No, I didn’t ask this time.” America told him as you looked at America.

    “Why not?” True Russia was one of those counties you didn’t know. You’ve heard stories about how horrible he can be and how scary he is. That he’s a heatless man that rather see the world burn.

    “Every time I invite him he never comes.” America shrugged. “More food for us I guess.” He walked off with China as you looked back in the meeting room. Russia’s chair was empty and you figured he already went home. You wanted to know more about this so called “Scary heartless man” you keep hearing about. So you decided to pay him a visit.

    You didn’t think that the harsh winds of the Russian winters were that harsh until you felt them for yourself. You shivered under your coat as you walked through the knee deep snow.

    What you didn’t know was as the winds blew the rocks above you, as you passed a ledged cliff, that smaller stones were rolling that hit larger rocks to get them rolling and soon a rock slide formed above you.

    “Only a little farther.” You told yourself as you kept on going. The frozen winds stung your face as you fought against the storm. You heard crackling sound and clacking as you looked around not seeing anything until you looked up to see boulders rolling off the cliffs above you. You froze in fear as you shut your eyes for the impact until you felt yourself being thrown aside into the snow. You felt the ground pulse as the huge rocks hit the earth but you didn’t feel the pain. You looked up to see the large country hovering over you looking at you. His light blond hair blowing in the wind as his violet eyes gazed into your (e/c) ones.

    “You’re alright, da?” He asked as you looked at him over you. You nodded as his worry became a gentle smile. He stood up and put a hand out to help you. When you didn’t take it he looked at you as you looked at him.

    “Y-you saved me.” You said as you took his hand.

    “I couldn’t let you get crushed by those rocks.” He gave you a gentle childlike smile.

    “Th-thank you.” You told him as you shivered in the winds blowing in your frozen face again.

    “You’re cold, da?” He said looking at you as you. You looked at him as you nodded. “We go back to my place and warm you up.” He led the way as you followed him.

    ‘He doesn’t seem all that bad to me.’ You thought as you walked up to a large house. Russia held the door for you as you walked in.

    “May I take your coat?” You heard a voice as you turned to find a country you did know.

    “Lithuania.” You smiled as he took you coat. “Thank you.”

    “So ______,” Russia started as he escorted you into the living room where a blazing fire was going. “What brings you here?”

    “I…um…” How could you say it out laud you wanted to see if he was bad as everyone said he was. He looked at you as you didn’t say anything.

    “Haven’t you listened to what people have been saying about me?” He asked you as his eye feel to the ground. “That I’m a monster. That I’m a heartless beast of a man. That I as cold as my winters are.” He sighed. “I’ll have one of the Baltics take you home.” He said as he stood up. He started to walked to the stairs to the hallway.

    “I came to prove them wrong.” You said as he stopped in his tracks. “I wanted to see the kind of man you are with my own eyes.” He turned looking at you. “A heartless man wouldn’t have saved me today.”

    “R-really?” He asked as you nodded. No one ever just wanted to get to know him before.

    “I hope that’s alright. I just never got to know you in the meetings and all I know about you are the stories that I hear.”

    “Da, it’s ok.” He said as he sat down again. After a few laughs and stories switched you found yourself go from the armchair to sitting next to him on the couch. You found out he wasn’t such a scary guy. He was just lonely and misunderstood.

    The Baltics watched from around the corner as you guys were sharing stories.

    “Do you think they like each other?” Latvia asked looking up at the other two Baltics.

    “It sure looks like it.” Estonia said fixing his glasses.

    “I hope so.” Lithuania said smiling. “Mr. Russia needs a friend that understands him.”

    You giggled as you let out a yawn. You looked at the clock seeing you have been there for quite a while. “I must get home. I have surly over stayed my welcome.” You started to get up as Russia grabbed your hand.

    “Net, you haven’t over stayed.” He told you as you sat back down. “The storm gets worst this time of the day. Why don’t you stay the night? I’ll have the guest room set up for you.”

    “I don’t want to be a bother.” You said as Russia shook his head.

    “It’s no bother at all.” He told you as you smiled. He pulled you into his arms as you laid your head on his chest. You smiled as you giggled. “What is funny?” He wondered as he looked at you.

    “I can feel your heartbeat through your coat.”

    “Well you do have your head on my chest.” He looked down at you as you looked at him and smiled.

    “I just proved them wrong.” You smiled again as he looked at you. “It means you’re not heartless.” You leaned up kissing the large Russian man. This surprised him but as he processed what was going on he held you closer to him and kissed you back.
Alright this was a random Russia One shot I did lol. Hope you enjoy it ^^

Hetalia: doesn't belong to me
you: :iconcuterussiaplz:
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