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September 22, 2013
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    “I love the snow.” You said to yourself as you were walking to the house of your friends, the Nordics. You were staying with them while your place was going under construction. You held a couple plastic bags in your hands filled with your purchases from the grocery store. You breathed in the cold air as you smiled. You were about half way to the Nordic’s home when the winds started to pick up. The snow that was picked up in the wind was so thick you barley could see where you were going. “Well there are the bad sides of the snow I guess.” You told yourself as you heard a cracking from above as you looked up seeing a large branch tumbling down on top of you.

    [Nordic’s POV]

    “Are you sure you don’t need any help, Sweden?” Finland asked as he and Sweden were on their way back from cutting firewood. He shook his head as he held the stack of firewood on his shoulder.

    As soon as they saw their home in sight Hanatamago stopped and looked down a different path.

    “What’s wrong, Hana?” Finland asked as the small dog started to run and bark down the path. “Hana!” Finland said running after his dog as Sweden put the wood down and followed. The two  Nordics followed the small dog as she stopped and barked.

    “Wh’t is she g’ing on ab’ut? [What is she going on about?] Sweden asked as Hanatamago started to dig in the snow.

    “I don’t know.” Finland walked over to pick up his dog as he saw something (your favorite color). He brushed the snow away as he saw it was your coat. “______?” He set Hanatamago down as he started to dig at the snow. “Sweden!” He called out as Sweden saw it was you under the snow he started digging too. As soon as they got you out of the snow Sweden took you in his arms holding your body close.

    “She’s freezing.” Finland said putting his hand on your pale face. “We’ve got to get her back to the house.” Sweden agreed as he picked you up taking you back to the house.

    [Reader’s POV]

    Your (e/c) eyes fluttered open as you looked around seeing you were in the guest room of the Nordic home. You sat up putting your head in your hands as you felt a bandage around your head. You blinked as you ran your fingers along the bandage that wrapped around your head.

    “______!” You looked at the door as Denmark walked in. “About time you woke up!” His loud voice was nice for a smile from you. “How do you feel?”

    As you went to answer you didn’t hear anything. You tried to speck again and again nothing came out. Your hand went to your throat as you couldn’t make a sound.

    “______.” Finland said with the other Nordics behind him. They must have seen the fear on your face.

    “What’s wrong?” Norway asked as you patted the front of your throat.

    “I don’t think she can speak.” Iceland said as Finland sat on your bed as you shook your head.

    “The sickness must have done something to your vocal cords.” Finland said as you looked at him with wonder in your eyes. “We found you unconscious in the snow a couple days ago.”

    ‘A couple days ago?’ you thought as he went on.

    “You’ve had a high fever since then. It broke this morning but it must have left you mute.” Finland looked at you as your (e/c) eyes filled with tears of fear. He pulled you into a hug as thoughts raced through your head.

    -Time skip a few days-

    You sat on the couch watching the snow fall with Hanatamago in your lap as your hand slowly ran across the small dog. You sighed as a plate of fresh baked cookies were set on the table beside you. You turned your head to see Finland’s smiling face.

    “Thought you might like a snack.” He said in his happy tone. You had to admit if it wasn’t for his happiness of everything you wouldn’t be able to smile at all. You mouthed ‘Thank you’ to your Finnish friend when the door opened while Norway, Iceland and Denmark walked in.

    “How are things, Squirt?” Denmark asked sitting on the arm of the couch that you had your back against. You looked up at the Dane as he gave you his normal goofy smile. He got up as he walked into the kitchen with the other Nordics. “If you need us just holler.” He said as he disappeared behind the kitchen wall before you heard him making chocking sounds.

    “Why couldn’t you have been the one to go mute?” You heard Norway ask as you knew Norway got a hold of his tie.

    “Because it would take a lot to shut his mouth.” Iceland told his brother as you smiled.

     You got up scooping Hanatamago in your arms as you walked outside quietly closing the door behind you. Ever since the day you were found in the snow Finland has been a bit over protective of you going outside. You looked up at the grey skies as the snow crunch underneath your feet. You took a deep breath as you suddenly felt a hand on your shoulder. You jumped as you quickly turned to see Sweden standing behind you. You relaxed a bit seeing him as his blue eyes stared down at you.

    “Wh’t are y’u d’ing out her’, ______?”[What are you doing out here, ______?] He asked as he knew you couldn’t answer. He took off his long coat and put it around you. “D’n’t want y’u to catch an’ther cold.” [Don’t want you to catch another cold.”] You smiled up at him as you turned your head to hear a voice.

    “______!” Finland ran out of the house. “You’re going to get sick again.” You knew he was just looking out for your own good as Sweden put his hand on Finland’s shoulder.

    “It w’n’t hurt h’r to be out f’r a bit.” [It won’t hurt her to be out for a bit.]

    “Good!” You heard another voice as Denmark came out with Norway and Iceland behind him. “Then let’s go get some beer. We’re out.” He grinned as both Iceland and Norway facepalmed.

    “We’re also low on firewood.” Norway said as Sweden nodded and was off to get a couple of axes.

    Norway walked over to you as he handed you your thicker coat. You set Hanatamago down as you switched coats out so you could give Sweden back his coat.

    As you were out with the guys you sat on a fallen tree watching them as they either chopped wood (mainly Sweden) or goofed off (Denmark hitting Norway and Iceland with snowballs.)You smiled as you swung your legs off the tree you sat upon watching them only a few yards away. Your attention was taken from the guys as you saw a white dust in the distance. You looked to see it coming closer at a quick pace. You looked to see a herd of moose charging in the clearing. You looked in their path that passed through the clearing that led for the guys. You waved your arms but none of them saw you. You slide off the tree to warn them but as you started to go towards them you were pulled back by a dead vine wrapped around your leg. You tugged and tried to untangle yourself as the vine seemed to just get more tangled. You turned seeing the herd closer than before as the guys didn’t seem to see or hear them. You panicked as you looked around. There was no way you could throw a snowball that far to get their attention.

    You took a deep breath as you knew you had to warn them. You took everything you had as you tried to make noise. “Loo…Loo” You started to make progress but you had no time. You used everything you had. “L-look out!” You screamed. It hurt like hell but you got their attention.

    The guys looked at you then behind them as they saw the herd to close for comfort. Sweden took Finland out of the path with him and Denmark took both Iceland and Norway as they got out of the way letting the herd pass with no one harmed.

    “Good thing ______ saw those.” Denmark said as they all realized you had warned them. They all ran to you as you held your sore throat.

    “You warned us.” Finland said as he knelt down beside you. You smiled as Sweden got the vine from your leg.

    “It hurt like hell.” You said with a raspy voice as you cringed at even the small sentence hurt your throat as Norway put a hand on your shoulder and gave you a rare gentle smile.

    “Maybe a cup of hot tea will sooth that throat of yours.”
Alright so this is the third and final part of my "See no evil, Hear no evil, Speak no evil" theme. This is the Speak no evil part. I hope you enjoy it and I hope you enjoyed my See no evil, Hear no evil, Speak no evil theme. Thank you for reading ^^

Hetalia: Doesn't belong to me
You: don't belong to me

Axis x Deaf! Reader:…
Allies x Blind! Reader:…
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creepypastalemonlove Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2014
i like this im not mute but I just never talk so when I do it hurts so much so I don't ever really talk
Mad-Mocha Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Glad you enjoyed it
creepypastalemonlove Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2014
im really glad you made this :)
ibrose12 Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2014
I looove snow~! And Tea~! Hate being deaf irl...but astleast I'm not mute~!
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I know that because I read it on a comment on the actual deaf reader ^w^
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"i love the snow"
LightElf2001 Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Nice series! Am I the only one who read it in that order, Allies x blind reader, Axis x deaf reader, Nordics x mute reader? Doubt it but you know. Great story Miss. Mocha!
IhavetoomanyOCs123 Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
LightElf2001 Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
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