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September 23, 2013
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    ~Author’s note: This is the sequel to “Nordic x Child! Reader: A Real Family” If you haven’t read that please do so before reading this one. Thank you and please enjoy.~

    “I can make it!” you told yourself as you ran through the forest. “I’ve just got to.” Your little legs running as fast as they could through the snow as you looked back. You were being chased and you were trying to get away. Your (e/c) eyes widen with hope as you saw the house you and your five older brothers live in. “Almost there!” You smiled as you felt a pair of hands around your waist picking your small body up and holding you in the air.

    “Got ya!” you heard as you screamed in giggles.

    “Ok Big brother Denmark!” You smiled as you were held in your Danish brother’s arms. “You got me.”

    “What was that?” He asked holding you with one arm and held the other one hovering over you wiggling his fingers. He brought his hand down as you burst in a fit giggles. “What did you say?”

    “You got me big brother!” You laughed.

    “I’m sorry what was that?”

    “King big brother!” you laughed as he held you in the air.

    “That’s right!” He smiled as he dropped you just to catch you in his arms again. “Hey I bet right now Finland is taking the cookies out of the oven.” He smiled as you did as well. “Want to go steal a couple?”

    “Yes!” you gleamed as today he was making your favorite, (favorite cookie). For it wasn’t just an ordinary day but today was your birthday. Living with the Nordics you grew a bit as the nation of Greenland but you were still small.

    Denmark walked to the house with you in his arms as he opened the door you saw Norway and Iceland standing on a couple of chairs hanging a banner that read ‘Happy Birthday Greenland’ on it.

    “Oops.” Denmark said as he dropped you over the back of the couch as you giggled. “Dropped the birthday girl.”

    “One of these days you’re going to hurt her doing that,” Norway told him shooting him a look. “and I’m not going to be happy when you do!” He got off the chair looking at the banner. “What do you think, Greenland?” He asked as you walked up beside him.

    “I like it.” You smiled as he patted your head. You giggled as you ran into the kitchen finding Finland by the stove. You smiled as you hugged his leg. He looked down and smiled at you as he picked you up.

    “Hey, Greenland.” He said as he set you on the counter. “Did you have fun playing with Denmark in the snow?” You nodded as he smiled. He turned as he was making another batch of cookies. You looked over to find a plate of already baked cookies and took one quietly as you nibbled on it. “I saw that young lady.” You looked up seeing Finland looking at you with a smirk on his face.

    “Nah-uh!” You shook you head as you took another bite and smiled at him. You put the rest of the cookie in your mouth as held your hands out for Finland to see. “No proof!”

    He laughed as he took a cookie himself. You looked passed him seeing a cake on the table. It was light yellow with dark blue trim around it. You jumped off the counter as you went up to one of the chairs and climbed on it to get a better look. On the face of the cake were the words “Happy Birthday Greenland” and a white and red flag with a half red circle on the white part and a half white circle in the red part. You looked at it and looked up at Finland.

    “Is that my flag?” You asked as he smiled and nodded. You had drawn the flag a few days before seeing your brothers all had different flags you wanted one of your own but you wanted yours to look different.

    “Do you like it?” Finland asked as you lunged his way hugging him.

    “I love it! Thank you big brother!” You smiled as Sweden walked in with several colorful wrapped boxes in his hand.

    “Do y’u w’ant to do c’ke then gifts?” [Do you want to do cake then gifts?]He asked as Finland thought for a moment.

    “I think that would be fine.” Finland nodded. “Why don’t you go with Sweden and I’ll bring in the cake.” He told you as you nodded and jumped of the chair going with Sweden to the living room where Iceland was now on the chair hanging up red and white streamers.

    “Birthday girl!” You heard as you were picked up again by Denmark as he threw you in air catching as you fell. You giggled as he swung you around. “Here Norway catch.” He swung you over to Norway who grabbed you as you got to him and held you close.

    “Damn Dane One of these days.” He glared at him as you giggled holding your arms around the Norwegian’s neck.  You turned your head seeing Mr. Puffin taunting Hanatamago as she barked at him. You watched as Mr. Puffin flew off and Hanatamago gave chase. You smiled as you saw Finland coming in with the cake. You jumped as you heard Hanatamago’s bark and saw Mr. Puffin now flying in the living room passed Iceland as he leaned back dodging the bird and Hanatamago running under the chair knocking it off balance causing Iceland to fall running into Finland knocking the cake out of his hand and it flying through the air hitting Denmark in the face.

    Your (e/c) eyes got wide seeing the icing covered face of the Dane as the cake fell to the floor. You heard a laugh coming from Norway as he looked at the Danish man’s face.  “That’s a good look for you.”

    You reached up whipping some icing with your finger and placing it in your mouth. “Yum.” You giggled as you smiled at Denmark.

    After the clean up, opening of your gifts, another cake was made and eaten you were in Denmark’s lap as he sat the sofa as everyone was sitting in the living room. You looked up at Denmark as he was flipping channels on the television. “Big brother Denmark?” You asked as he looked at you. “Will you tell me a story?”

    He smiled. “Sure and it will be an extra good one being it’s your birthday.” You smiled as you turned sideways on his lap to look at him. “There was once an explorer named Captain Hagens.”

    “Was he a pirate?” You asked as Denmark nodded.

    “He would travel around the world collecting treasures on all kinds.” Your eyes stayed on your big brother as he told you the stories of his adventures of different kinds. “After his last pillage he drifted out to sea never to be seen again.”

    “What happen to him big brother?” You didn’t the story to end there.

    Denmark chuckled. “They say on a night of a full moon if you look out into the sea you can see his ship with his jolly roger raised.” You smiled as he picked you up setting you on the floor. “Now go get ready for bed runt and I’ll tell you more.” He smiled at you as you ran up the steps.

    “A pirate story?” Norway asked looking at the Dane. “You couldn’t tell her a Viking story?”

    You went to your room as you took your pjs out of your dresser as set them on your bed. You were about to get undressed when you looked out your window. In the sky sat the full moon shining bright. Your (e/c) eyes glittered as you ran out of your room down to your brothers.

    “Can we do one more thing for my birthday?” You asked Denmark as he looked at the others. “Uh sure runt what do you want to do?”

    “It’s a full moon tonight! Can we go see if we can see Captain Hagens’ ship?” You asked with hope in your eyes.

    “Nice going, Denmark.” Norway shook his head. “You couldn’t tell her half moon or new moon?”

    “That’s not how the story goes.” Denmark looked at you waiting for him to answer. “Sure we can.” You smiled as you ran to the closet grabbing your coat. Denmark looked at the others who stared at him. “Come on we take the girl out to the water look for the ship for a little bit and come back before her bedtime.” He smiled as they decided to go seeing how excited you were about going.

    “You don’t get to tell her anymore stories.” Norway told him as you ran out into the snow.

    “It’s a harmless story. What’s the worst that could happen?”

    You hummed as you walked next to Iceland staying close to him while all your brothers held lanterns to light the way.

    “You better not be getting us lost, Dane!” Norway told him as the Danish man stepped onto a log crossing over a steep icy slope.

    “I know where I’m going.” Denmark smiled as he started to cross with Norway behind him. “It’s not far from here.”

    Iceland picked you up holding you in one of his arms and holding his lantern in his other hand as he stood on the log following Norway.

    Halfway across you looked around while Norway and Denmark were arguing you heard a cracking sound. You looked at Iceland. “What was that noise?” You asked as he looked at you with the others while it was silent.

    “What did it sound like?” Iceland asked when suddenly you heard it again.

    “Like that.” You said when the log all you where on suddenly broke in half as you and your brothers fell onto the icy slope sliding into the darkness.

    To Be Continued…
Yes the Nordics are back and this time it's your birthday ^^ After hearing Denmark's story you want to find the ship for yourself... well that will have to wait lol. Hope you enjoyed

Hetalia: doesn't belong to me
You: don't belong to me

Part 1: :star:
Part 2:…
Part 3:…
Part 4:…

Other Nordic x Reader:…
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