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September 8, 2013
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    You held your upper left arm as you were grazed by the bullet.

    “You missed?” The guy looked at the one holding the shot gun. “What idiot misses from 3 feet?”

    “I’m sure I won’t miss you from a foot away.” The man looked at him as you started to run. “She’s getting away!”

    “Give me that!” The other man took the gun as he aimed and shot at you as you run.

    [Nordics POV]

    With every gun shot heard the Nordic’s heart sank as they ran to find you. A couple of Norway’s mystical friends told him as they got word from other mystical creature keeping an eye on you.

    “She’s changed course!” He yelled as he stopped and turned with the others following him. “She’s headed towards the lake.” They were scared to see what they would find when they finally got to you.

    [Reader’s POV]

    You ran as you felt like you were dodging the bullets like you would dodge the snowballs thrown by Denmark. You looked back to check where the bad men were as you suddenly looked forward seeing a steep drop. As you stopped trying to stay on your feet you tumbled down the hill splashing into the freezing waters below.

    The two men stopped looking at your small body as it sunk into the water. “She’s not going to survive that.” The man laughed as they watched you sink.

    The freezing pins and needle feeling took over your body as you couldn’t take it anymore and blackness took over your world.

    -Time skip-

    You’re (e/c) eyes started to open as you noticed you were being carried. ‘I can’t go back to that man. I want my brothers.’ You thought as your eyes opened more looking at a dark blue jacket around you. You looked up seeing Sweden was the one carrying you. “B-big brother.” You whispered as Sweden looked down at you as a wave of relieve washed over his face seeing you now awake. His hair and face was wet. You could see water droplets on his glasses. Did he jump in after you?

    “Greenland!” You heard Finland’s cheery voice as he heard your voice. You were shivering under the coat as you looked at your brothers.

    “Where are those men?” You asked looking at them.

    “They figured you wouldn’t survive the waters.” Norway told you as his mystical friends had told him the whole story. “They left after you went under back to where they came from.”

    After they got you home and changed into warm clothes you were sitting on Finland’s lap by the fire with your head laying on his chest and his arms around you. “So is that it?” You asked as you felt weak from the coldness. “Are they going to leave me alone?”

    “I sure hope so.” Finland told you hugging you tighter. “I’m never going to let you out of my sight again.” He said as a tear slid down his cheek.

    A sudden knock was heard at the door as the Nordics hearts felt as they stopped. Sweden was the first on his feet with a stern look on his face ready to take on the person on the other side. He opened the door seeing a woman standing there. “Yes?” he said looking at her with Denmark, Norway and Iceland behind him.

    “Yes is this the home of ______  ______?” She asked as Sweden’s grip on the door tightened.

    “W’o’s asking?” [Who’s asking?]Sweden asked as the woman cleared her throat.

    “My name is Anna Reed. I’m a social worker and I got report of miss ______ going through abuse.” Denmark knew it had to be the principal at the school who called her in.

    Sweden knew if he had told her that you weren’t getting it from them it would look like he was hiding something so he stepped aside to let her in.

    -After telling her what you have been through with the other man and everything else but leaving out the world meeting and being a country-

    “It seems like you have been through a lot ______.” Anna wrote some stuff down as she heard the story. You were quiet not wanting to talk as she looked at England who was sitting next to Sealand. “And who are you two to ______?”

    “I’m friends with them.” He looked at the Nordics. “and Peter here is my younger brother who I brought to play with ______.”

    “I see.” She wrote some stuff down. “Well after hearing that story ______ is going to have to go into a foster home.” You looked up and turned looking at Finland. Seeing the look on his face you knew that wasn’t something good.

    “You can’t do that.” Iceland looked at her.

    “I’m sorry but I can’t just…”

    “Can’t we sign some papers or something to keep her here?” Norway asked as Anna looked at the Nordics.

    “Well I can get some paperwork together that you can adopt her and become her guardians if you want.”

    “Yes!” All five of the Nordic said in unison startling Anna. She looked at you as you sat n Finland’s lap. “Well ______? What do you think? Do you want to stay here with them?” Your (e/c) glittered as you smiled and nodded. “Alright than.” She pulled out some papers and after while she passed them around as each Nordics sighed their human name on the lines. “Congratulations ______. Looks like this is your official family.”

    You smiled as you hugged Finland in joy and he hugged you back. Anna made her way to the door. “I’ll be in touch to check up on her.” She told Sweden as he nodded as she walked out the door.

    “Congratulations, guys.” England told them as he saw the new happy family with their newest and official addition.

    You were so happy to be able to stay with them and you never had to deal with the man again as he was soon to get news you were dead and gone at the bottom of the freezing waters. You were now one of them. A Nordic. A little sister. A part of a real family.

So this is the last chapter except for the bonus chapter.
I hope you enjoyed my Nordic fic and I am looking forward to writing more about them and little Reader Greenland in the future.

Hetalia: doesn't belong to me

You: belong to the Nordics

part 1:…
part 2:…
part 3:…
part 4:…
part 5:…
part 6:…
part 7: here
BONUS chapter:…

Next up in the Nordic series- Nordics x Child!Reader: Night Adventure

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