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September 7, 2013
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    “What do you mean?” Norway asked in a calmer tone. “He was at the school?” Denmark nodded.

    “I heard him ask the lady at the front desk if she could look up a student for him and when she asked for the name he said ______  ______. I turned and that’s when I saw him.”

    “Did he recognize you?” Finland asked leaning on the doorframe to the kitchen.

    “No his back was towards me. At first I was going to take him into the parking lot and let my anger do the talking but I decided that I was just going to walk out before he could see me with no chance of him following me and finding Greenland.”

    Norway was shocked. “I have to give you credit. I wouldn’t expect that from you.”

    “Thanks. I think.” Denmark looked at Norway as he sniffed the air. “Hey what’s burning?”

    “Oh crud my cookies!” Finland suddenly remembered the cookies in the oven as he ran to remove them.

    -time skip and after a new batch of cookies-

    You sat at the coffee table coloring with a plate of cookies beside you as there was a knock on the door. Your head popped up as Finland went to answer the door. “Hey!” He smiled as the two visitors walked in. “Greenland look who it…” He looked as you were gone from your spot. He saw you peeking out from behind Sweden’s armchair. You recognized the blond British man as you smiled.

    “Greenland you remember…” Finland started as you interrupted him.

    “Mr. England!” You said as you ran up to him and he picked you up. He chuckled as you hugged him around the neck.  

    “Good to see you again, poppet.” He said hugging you back. You looked down as you saw a smaller boy with blond hair and the same eyebrows as England.

    “Greenland, this is Sealand.” Finland told you as you waved.

    “Hi Greenland.” Sealand excitedly said to you. “You want to play a game?”

    You nodded as England put you down and both of you ran off.

    “She is such a little sweet heart.” England told Finland.

    “Yeah she is.” Finland agreed. He told England what you were going through as they spent time in the living room while you were out playing with Sealand making a snowman army.

    “This git needs to be taught a lesson.” England shook his head. “I can’t imagine doing something like that to the poor girl.”

    “What’s worst we found out he is still looking for her.” Finland took a sip of his hot chocolate as he turned looking out seeing you still playing with Sealand. "I think it’s nice that her and Sealand are getting along so well.” England smiled as he agreed.

    [Reader’s POV]

    You giggled as you played in the snow looking up to see Denmark, Iceland and Norway returning from the market place.

    “Hey runt, what are you doing?” Denmark asked looking at both your and Sealand’s snowman.

    “Making a snowman army to take down the enemy.” You pointed to Sealand.

    “You’ll never win!” He called to you as you both laughed.

    “Why does this one only have one eye?” Iceland asked you pointing to one of your snowmen.

    “I ran out of coal pieces.” You told him as he looked at it. He reached in his pocket and took a piece of black liquorice and placed it on your one eyed snowman. “There.”

    “Thank you.” You smiled as Norway reached in his pocket pulling out (your favorite candy bar) “Oh I got this for you.” He told you as you smiled. “What do you say?”

    “Thank you?” You asked.

    “Thank you what?”

    You thought as you smiled. “Thank you big brother Norway.”

    “You’re welcome.” He handed you the candy bar. “Now how hard is that?” He asked looking at Iceland.

    “Oh shut up.” Iceland passed him walking to the house as Norway pulled another candy bar out.

     “Hey Sealand I got you one too.” He tossed it towards the young boy as he caught it.

    “Thank you.”  He said as Norway walked in the house.

    “Now are you ready, Greenland?” Sealand asked as you nodded. “Get your ammo ready!” He yelled as you both rolled snow up into snowballs. You stopped as you heard a sound. It sounded like giggling. You looked over to see a small fairy type thing looking at you.

    “Hi.” You said looking at her. She glowed orange as she fluttered her wings. She started to fly off towards the woods as you followed her.

    “Ok, Greenland I’m ready...” Sealand looked over to your side as he stopped. “Greenland?” He looked around seeing you walking towards the woods. He saw the fairy and stopped. “England!” he yelled running inside.

    [Nordic and England’s POV]

    England took a sip of his tea as the front door flew open with a panicked Sealand looking at him. “England!”

    “What is it?” He asked as Sealand was jumping up and down.

    “Greenland is following the fairy!” He blurted. “The fairy of destruction!”

    “The what?” Finland asked as him and the other Nordics ran to the front door along with England to see you nowhere.

    “Find her now!” Both England and Norway told their mystical creature friends as they obeyed and were off.

    “England what is this fairy Greenland is following?” Denmark asked as he scanned the area for you.

    “It’s a small orange fairy that normally children can see. It’s like she hypnotizes the child. She gets there attention and flies off causing that child to wonder off normally running them into some kind of trouble.”

    [Reader’s POV]

    You giggled chasing the fairy as you would if you were chasing a butterfly. You were deep into the woods as she flew turning behind a tree but when you got there you couldn’t find her. “Where did you go?” you asked as you heard some twigs break.

    “Hey isn’t that the kid?” you heard a male voice.

    “Yeah that’s the one the boss told us about.” Another man said laughing. “I guess hunting season just opened.” He held a shot gun up aiming at you as you froze in fear.

    [Nordic’s POV]

    “Can she not help to not follow the fairy?” Iceland asked as both England and Norway shook their heads.

    “No but…” Norway stopped as he saw one of his mystical creatures return with news of where you went. “She’s in the woods by the lake and not far from hunters.” He said as the Nordic’s started to run.

    “England stay here.” Denmark told him. “We know these woods better than anyone.” He ran with the other Nordics to get to you.

    ‘Please let us get there in time.’ Finland told himself as he ran. ‘Don’t let anything happen to her.’ He said before there was a gunshot heard.

    To Be Continued…
Alright here is part 6 ^^ lol you get into a bit of trouble and I mean trouble. But you make a new friend with Sealand so that's fun lol.

Hetalia: doesn't belong to me

You: don't belong to me.

part 1:…
part 2:…
part 3:…
part 4:…
part 5:…
part 6: here
part 7:…
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