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September 6, 2013
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    It has been a few weeks and you were now enrolled into school. You hated it. Being the new kid was always hard. You’ve been going to the school for a couple weeks now and you have yet to make one friend but you have met many bullies.

    -time skip as you return home from school-

    The door opened and closed telling the Nordics you were home.

    “Hey runt how was school?” Denmark asked without him or the other Nordics turning their head as you answered with your normal grunt.

    “Greenland I made fresh cookies.” Finland said walking out of the kitchen with a batch of your favorite cookies to cheer you up but when he looked at you he dropped the plate from shock at the sight of you. You stood there with your (f/c) dress torn, your left sleeve was hanging off your shoulder by a few threads holding it to the dress, your white pantyhose had holes in them and covered in blotches of dirt one of the straps on your mary-janes were broken, your (h/c) hair was a mess and there were bruises on your arms and one on your face.

    “Gr-Greenland!” Finland gasped as tears filled your eyes as you ran into his arms that embraced your small form. “What happen to you?” He asked as the other Nordics made their way to look at you.

    “I-I-I d-don’t want to go back.” You cried as Finland held you.

    “Did someone do this to you?” Iceland asked as you nodded.

    “I hate it there. I don’t want to go back.” You cried as Finland picked you up with your face buried in his chest.

    “Come on, Greenland let’s get you cleaned up.” Finland said taking you up the stairs.

    Iceland sighed as he sat on the couch. “You know we’re going to take her out of that school.”

    “For what?” Denmark looked at him. “A couple bullies got to her so we fight fire with fire.” He smiled.

    “You’re going to go beat up a couple of first graders?” Norway looked at Denmark.

    {A/N being you are a country you may have the body of a 4/5 year old but you were put in first grade}

    “No I’m going to train Greenland to kick their asses.” He told him.

    “Did you guys not see the look on her face?” Iceland asked as both Nordics looked at him.

    “She h’d the s’me look of fear she did the night we f’und her.” [She had the same look of fear she did the night we found her.] Sweden said looking up the stairs as he could hear you sniffling.

    [Reader’s POV]

    Your cries were down to sniffles as you were cleaned and changed into new clothes as you were snuggled up to Finland in his lap as he sat on your bed holding you. You had told him what happen when a few of the older kids had caught up to you on the playground and started picking on you for being the new kid and small then all the other kids. They wanted you to prove that you weren’t weak when they started to push you around. You got the bruises from falling to the ground many times. Your body stopped shaking as you were being held by Finland. Norway and Sweden walked through the bedroom door.

    “How is she doing?” Norway asked as sitting on your bed as he rubbed your back.

    “She’s calmed down a bit.” He told them what you told them when Iceland walked in the room halfway through the story.

    “Hey guys?” Iceland tried to get their attention at different times of the story. Finally Norway looked at Iceland.

    “What have you been going on about?”

    Iceland looked at his brother. “Denmark left for the school about ten minutes ago.”

    -Denmark’s POV-

    No one messes with the King’s little sister. I couldn’t believe some kids would do this to her. I finally pulled into the parking lot as mad as ever as I walked into the school going to the front office.

    “Hello may I help you?” The lady at the front desk asked me as I passed her and walked to the principal’s office. “Sir you can’t go in there!”

    “Want a bet?” I asked opening the door looking at the principal. “Are you the one in charge of this place?”

    “I am and you are?”

    “Mathias Kohler. I’m ______  ______’s older brother.” I told her looking her in the eyes.

    “Well Mr. Kohler Is there a problem with little ______?”

    “I don’t know is her coming home beaten up and dirty while crying a problem?” I asked with my blood boiling.

    “She must have been playing outside and fell Mr. Kohler.” She told me calmly. “Kids can play a bit rough and others will take it as abuse.”

    “Rough?” I looked at her. “The girl has five brothers she knows what playing rough is and she even knows what abuse is.” I was about to lose it. “She had to go through abuse before she lived where she is now and I’ll be damned if she has to deal with it again. I want all her records out of your system and I want her taken out of this school.”

    “But she’s going to need schooling.” The lady told me.

    “She’s going to be home schooled.” I told her. I must have scared her because her fingers typed so fast that I was sure that the keyboard was going to break. After my visit I got Greenland out of that school where she doesn’t have to return ever again. I didn’t want her to go through anymore pain that she already went through. That’s when I heard a voice…

    -Time skip and Nordic’s POV-

    “How could that Dane be so stupid?” Norway asked pacing in the living room. You were now in Sweden’s lap as he sat in his armchair.

    “Relax Norway.” Finland told him as he was making a new batch of cookies. “You don’t know what he’ll do.”

    “Exactly my point.” Norway knew if Denmark got angry enough that he might really hurt someone. All heads turned when the front door opened and Denmark walked in with that goofy smile on his face. “Where were you?” Norway asked as Denmark looked at him.

    “Out.” He simple answered keeping his grin. “Hey Iceland why don’t you go take Greenland up to my room to play some videogames?”

    Iceland sat there. He knew Denmark just needed to get Greenland out of hearing distance from him so he agreed. “Come on, Greenland.” Iceland said as he held out a hand and you took it as you both walked up to the Dane’s room and shut the door.

    “What’s going on?” Norway asked as the grin disappeared on Denmark’s face.

    “I went down to the school to have a talk with the principal.”

    “And you threw her out the window?” Norway asked as Denmark shook his head.

    “No I didn’t harm her.” He took a breath. “I had gotten Greenland out of that school and when I was leaving when I heard a voice.”

    “Was it your conscience telling you that would have been better for something like that would be better talked with all of us?” Norway was getting a bit pissed until Denmark looked at him.

    “It was the man that was abusing Greenland.” Demark finally said as everyone’s face went pale. “He’s still looking for her.”  

    To Be Continued… <ol>
Well here's part 5... I like where I'm taking the story but :icononionfailplz: I think I failed this chapter. I'm sorry if you find it boring but I'll try to have the next few chapters better. Well I hope you enjoy.

Hetalia: doesn't belong to me

you: don't belong to me

part 1:…
part 2:…
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part 4:…
part 5: here
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