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September 5, 2013
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    “Are we there yet?” You asked trying to look over the dashboard from your seat between Iceland and Norway. With your small size all you could see was the grey sky out of all the windows.

    “Not yet, Greenland.” Finland chuckled knowing why you were excited. You were on your way to get a Christmas tree. It was hard for you to grasp why Finland loved Christmas for reasons you told them.

    -mini flashback-

    “Merry Christmas ______.” The man would come to you smoking a cigar. “It’s that time for giving!” He would already be drunk off eggnog. “So give me your arm.” He would reach down before you should pull away as he decorate your small arms with cigar burns.

    -end of flashback-

    “Alright ______.” You heard Finland as you unbuckled your seatbelt to stand up. Since you were in public you understood to use their human names and they would call you ______. Norway picked you up and set you on the ground as you looked at all the trees. “How do we know witch on is ours?” You asked Finland as he chuckled.

    “We get to pick one.” He told you as you nodded.

    You looked around. “Where is Mathias?”

    “Sl’eping” Sweden said taking an ax out of the trunk and looking to see Denmark laying in the back seat snoozing.

    “Damn Dane.” Norway reached in grabbing his tie. “Wake up! You’re supposed to be helping find a tree for ______’s first Christmas with us.” He told him as he stepped out of the car.

    “Alright runt. Let’s go!” Denmark yelled as You started to run through the trees. Almost an hour and three trips into the snow you finally found the perfect tree.

    “Tino!” You called out as you saw the Finnish man walking up to you. “What about this one?”

    Finland looked at it and whistled. “For picking out your very first tree you seem to have a talent for it.” He smiled and tousled your (h/c) hair as you giggled. “Hey Berwald we’ve got one!” He yelled as Sweden came over with the ax over his shoulder. It took Sweden three hits to cut the tall tree down. You were cheering when the tree hit the snowy ground and was picked up by Denmark and Sweden. You were excited for tomorrow was Christmas eve and for the first time you were looking forward to the holidays.

    -time skip-

    You woke up knowing what day it was. Christmas eve! You ran out of your room and went down the steps finding Norway, Iceland and Denmark at the table.

    “Morning, runt.” Denmark said looking at you. “Excited for tomorrow?” You nodded.

    “Where’s Finland and Sweden?” You asked noticing they weren’t in the room.

    “Sweden is helping Finland get ready for tonight.” Iceland said putting a piece of licorice in his mouth.

    “Tonight?” You asked.

    “Yeah he's in his work shop.” Denmark said. “Why don’t you go help them out?” You nodded as you ran out there forgetting your jacket and shoes as you ran to the workshop. You found them out back loading a sleigh.

    “Hey Finland Hey Sweden.” You smiled looking at them. “What are you doing?”

    “Hey Greenland.” Finland smiled seeing you. “I’m getting ready for my trip tonight.”

    “What trip?”You tilted your head as you walked up to the sleigh.

    “I’ve got to go deliver gifts to all the good boys and girls.” He smiled as you looked at him.

    “Are you Santa?” You asked looking at the Finnish man as he smiled and nodded.

    “I thought Santa was a fat guy with a white beard.” You said as he laughed.

    “Well I go out all over the world to deliver gifts the night of the 24th.” He set the last of the gifts in the sleigh as he looked at you seeing you shivering. “Let’s go in and get some hot chocolate.” He said picking you up and walking back inside with Sweden. After getting you warmed up and dressed for the day you wanted to ask more questions to Finland but he had some more stuff to get before leaving.

    You walked into the living room where everything was decorated for the morning where you found Denmark snoozing on the couch. “Denmark!” You called out going over to the sleeping Dane. “Denmark!”

    “Hmm?” Denmark opened his eyes looking at you. “What’s up, runt?”

    “Denmark will you play a game with me?” You asked as he yawned.

    “Sure what game?” He asked putting his hands behind his head.

    “How about hide and seek?” You asked as he nodded.

    “Fine I’ll count and you hide.” He said closing his eyes. “1…2…3…4…” You ran off to your hiding spot. “8…9..10..11..12…zzzzz.” He dozed off again.

    -An hour later-

    You sat in the hall closet waiting as you played with some dominos that you found in the closet. You peeked out of the door knowing that Denmark would have found you by now. You decided to go out into the snow so you put your jacket on and headed out. You passed a window as you heard Finland talking to Sweden.

    “I wish you could go this year. I could really use the help.” He laughed as he sipped his hot chocolate.

    “Yeah, but I’v’ g’t work to g’t done.” [Yeah but I’ve got work to get done.] You heard Sweden tell him.

    “I know.” You heard Finland sigh. “I’ve got to going here in a few minutes. I’ll see you guys when I get back tonight.”

    ‘I can help Finland.’ You thought as you ran through the snow to the sleigh that now had reindeers attached to it. You crawled into the sleigh and crawled underneath some of the gifts. You soon heard Finland getting in and you were off. You peeked over the edge seeing you were high in the air. The night sky started to take over as you moved into Finland’s view.

    “Greenland!” He looked at you with shock on his face. “What are you doing here?”

    “I came to help you.” He looked at you as you sat beside him. “You said you needed help and so I wanted to come and help you.”

    “So I did say that but that didn’t mean for you to sneak on here.” He had a mixture of worry and anger in his voice that brought you to almost tears.

    “Are you mad at me?” You asked looking down at your feet.

    Finland sighed not meaning to sound like he was mad. “No I’m not.” He put his arm around you in a small hug. “You were just trying to help but next time please tell me you’re here.” He thought about it for a minute. “Does anyone know you’re with me?”

    “Denmark told me to help you this morning.” You smiled.

    Finland smiled. “Well if you’re going to be helping me you should wear this.” He set an elf hat on top of your head as you giggled.

    -Meanwhile back at the Nordic house-

    “Greenland?” Denmark called out walking in the kitchen looking around seeing Iceland and Norway. “Hey have you seen the runt?”

    “No why did you lose her?” Norway asked looking at him with a blank expression on his face.

    “Well…” He scratched the back of his head.

    “What!?” Norway asked standing up looking at him. “You lost her!?”

    “How?” Iceland asked looking at him.

    “Well I was asleep and she wanted to play hide and seek so she went to hide and I fell back asleep counting.”

    “How long ago was this?” Norway asked trying not to blow a fuse.

    “A couple hours.” Denmark averaged off.

    “Did you two at least make a rule of her not hiding outside?” Iceland asked as the Dane paled thinking about it shaking his head.

    “You idiot!” Norway yelled. “Iceland go get Sweden!” He told his brother as Denmark and him ran out the door into the snow.

    Iceland ran to the workshop where he found Sweden with a pile of paper work. “Sweden!”

    “W’ateve’ it is c’n w’it I’m b’sy.” [Whatever it is can wait I’m busy] Sweden told him writing down something.

    “Greenland is missing and there is a good possibility she has been hiding in the snow for the last couple of hours.” Iceland told him as Sweden looked up from his work dropping his pen. He ran out into the snow with Iceland to go on the search for you.

    “Are you sure she didn’t go with Finland?” Norway asked as he called your name out in the storm.

    “We were playing before he left and she normally stays in her spot until I find her.” Denmark yelled out for you.

    -Time skip and Finland’s POV-

    Most of the gifts were delivered and we only had our house to go. Greenland was such a big help that we’ll get home earlier than I normally do. I looked over as she had her body leaning on mine sleeping. It was way past her bed time but I love it when she sleeps. She is so cute well she’s cute when she’s awake too. I land the sleigh back by my work shop and let the reindeer go again.

    “See you next year fellas.” I waved as I picked Greenland up and started to walk in the house.  ‘Hmm it sounds like everyone is still awake.’ I said going up the back way stairs to put Greenland to her bed. I went back to my sleigh to grab the Nordic gifts and headed inside.

    “How could you lose a child!” Norway was yelling. “She’s a child not a toy you have to watch her!”

    “I know I didn’t mean to lose her!” Denmark was yelling back. Those two were going to wake Greenland up. I walked in the living room.

    “Finland is going to be pissed when he finds out…” Norway started as I spoke up.

    “When I find out what?” I looked at the others. “Denmark you didn’t eat the Christmas cookies I was going to make tomorrow did you?”

    “I wish.” Iceland shook his head. “Denmark lost Greenland and she isn’t anywhere in the house.” I looked at them as they stared at me.

    “Fin’and?” Sweden asked as I looked at them.

    “But I just put Greenland to bed a couple minutes ago.” I told them as they all ran up to her room to look. I chuckled to myself as I poured the gifts filling the empty spot under the tree.

    “So she was with you this whole time.” Norway said coming back down stairs.

    “Yeah she was my little helper this year.” I smiled as the rest of them came down.

    -Reader’s POV-

    You sat up rubbing your (e/c) eyes. You looked out the window seeing it was still dark as you got out of bed walking down stairs now just rubbing one eye. “When did we get home?” You asked in a sleepish voice as the Nordic’s heads turned to you.  Sweden walked over and picked you up holding you close to him as he sat back down in his arm chair.

    “She’s up can we open presents now?” Denmark asked as Finland looked at the clock on the wall. It was passed midnight so he gave the go ahead.

    While the Nordics sat around the tree you sat in Finland’s lap while the gifts were being passed out. You got a few toys, new clothes, and new things to decorate your new room in. You were excited to have this Christmas with the Nordics.

    “Alright Greenland.” Finland said to you as he handed you a small white and red bow. “It’s from all of us.” He told you as you slide the box open seeing your country name engraved on a silver bracelet. “We wanted to welcome you into our family, Greenland.” He smiled that sweet smile you knew.

    You smiled as well looking around at your new family.

    “I love it.” You told him hugging him. “Thank you.”

    “Come on Iceland open it.”

    Iceland looked at the box he was given. “Why does it say from big…” He stopped as he wasn’t going to say the second part of the word.

    “Come on say it. Big brother.”

    “Stop it.

    “Big brother.”

    “Go away.”

    “Big brother.”

    “Cut it out.”

    You tilted your head watching them. “Aw that’s so sweet.” Finland said. “I wish someone would call me big brother.”

    “I’ll call you big brother if that’s ok.” You said looking at Finland. He looked down smiling a wide smile as he hugged you.

    “That would be wonderful.”

    “Yay big brother.” You smiled hugging him around the neck.

    “Hey what about me?” Denmark asked.

    “And me” Norway looked at you as you grinned.

    “You’re all my big brothers.” You giggled as you really did feel like you were part of this family.

    To Be Continued…
Alright here is part 4 ^^ so it's Christmas time in this one and you want to be Finland's little helper plus you get to call the Nordics big brother now ^^

Hetalia: doesn't belong to me

You: belong to who ever claims you :XD:

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