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September 3, 2013
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    [Nordic’s POV]

    “I raised you didn’t I?” Norway looked at his younger brother.

    “Are you calling me a girl?” Iceland looked at Norway.

    “I won’t if you call me big brother.” Norway threw in as Iceland ignored him. “Come on, Iceland. Big brother.”

    “Cut it out.”

    “Big brother.”

    “I’m not listening to you.”

    “Big sister.”

    “Now you’re not making any sense.”

    “I thought you weren’t listening to me.” Norway looked at him as they turned their heads to Finland.

    “I can make some calls to some of the other countries for advice.” He said. “But it shouldn’t be much different then raising a boy.”

    “Ye’h but when’s the la’t time any of us ra’sed a kid?” [Yeah but when’s the last time any of us raised a kid?] Sweden asked as they all thought. Iceland was the last one that was raised by Norway but how long ago was that? SO the Nordic’s made a list of different countries they could call for advice.

    “How about China?” Finland asked. “He raised Taiwan.”

    “What about Russia? He has two sisters.” Denmark suggested taking a swig of his beer.

    “That has to be the stupidest idea you’ve ever had.” Norway hissed at the Dane.

    “What about Belarus?” Denmark changed his mind.

    “I stand corrected.” Norway pinched the bridge of his nose.

    After the small list was made Finland made a few calls to different countries but when he told them about Greenland they all wanted to meet the newest addition to the Nordic household.

    [Reader’s POV]

    Your (e/c) eyes fluttered open as you sat up. You rubbed the sleep out of your eyes as you noticed a feeling you never felt. You were fully rested. This was the first time that you didn’t have to sleep on a blanket in a closet floor or have to sleep with one eye open when you lived with that horrid man. You pushed your sheets off of you as you made your way to the hall. You peeked out of your door as you heard voices down stairs. You didn’t know who the voices belonged to but you could pick a couple being the Nordics. You slowly made your way down the steps as you hid behind the railing near the last step as you looked to see new faces.

    One was a woman with long wavy brown hair with white bandana on her head. She must like to cook because she held a frying pan in her lap. Another one was a man with dark hair that was pulled into a loose pony tail and hung over his left shoulder. There was another man with wavy shoulder length blond hair that was drinking some sort of red liquid in a glass. The last was another man with short curly dark brown hair with olive green eyes and tan skin tone.He also seemed really happy for some reason. You looked to see four of the Nordics talking to them as you started to back up you bumped into something. You looked up to see Norway looking down at you.

    “You want to meet the other countries?” He sitting on the step to look you in the eyes.

    “What if they don’t like me?” You asked playing with the ribbon on your light blue night gown that The Nordics let you sleep in.

    “Don’t worry they will.” Norway looked at you. “They like Denmark and if anyone likes him they will love you.” You giggled as Norway gave a small smile. “Come on.” He picked you up as he walked down the rest of the steps.

    “Aw she’s so cute, aru.” The man with the dark hair pulled back said as he saw you.

    “Oui she is adorable.” You heard the blond man as you turn burying your face into Norway’s chest.

    “Aw the little chica is shy.” The guy with the brown choppy hair.

    “Greenland.” Finland told you as you lifted your head. “This is Hungary, China, France and Spain.” He told you as you looked at everyone.

    “Hi.” You shyly spoke as Norway set you on the ground. You stood there looking at the other countries while they continued talking you looked on the table seeing a small bowl of red balls. “What are those?” You asked looking at them as you got a bit closer.

    “Dios mío, have you never had a tomato before?” Spain asked as you shook your head. Spain took one as he picked you up setting you into his lap handing the red fruit to you. You looked at it before turning your head to the Nordics as they told you that it was fine to take. You took the tomato in your small hands. “How do I eat it?”

    “You just bite into it.” Spain told you as you bit into the juicy fruit. You smiled at your first time eating a tomato.

    “Ai-ya I want to hold her!”China told Spain after you finished the tomato. The Spaniard knew he couldn’t hog you to himself so he set you down as you were picked up by the Chinese man. “Oh you’re so cute, aru.” He hugged you as you giggled.

    “Are you guys going to bring her to the world meeting?” Hungary asked as she smiled at you.

    “World meeting?” You asked looking at the Nordics.

    “Oui, there you can meet the other countries.” France told you as he took a sip of his red drink.

    “There’s other countries?” You asked as they all nodded.

    “I’m not sure.” Finland looked at Sweden. “She might be too young to go just yet.”

    “She can stick with you guys I don’t think it will be a problem.” Hungary said.

    “Unless she acts like Korea the first time I brought him to the meeting aru.” China sighed as You looked at him.

    After a while you were outside playing in the snow with Hanatamago the others were inside. Finland stood at the window as he watched you when France walked up.

    “You men will do just fine raising her. It was not that much different raising Canada from raising Seychelles. All you need to do is love her and protect her. Make sure she is well and you’ll have no problems.” He told the Finish man.

    “Yeah.” Finland nodded as Sweden walked up joining them. “Being where she just came from it can only get better for her here.” Sweden agreed as he looked out the window seeing you with your back turned to the window and your head in your hands. He walked over to the door as he looked out into the snow at you.

    “G’eenland?” You looked up and turned to see Sweden. “W’at are y’u doing?” [What are you doing?]

    “I’m playing hide and seek with Hanatamago.” You smiled. “She’s really good.”

    Sweden gave a soft smile seeing you play. “Come o’ inside.” [Come on inside.] He told you as you nodded.

    “Ok Hanatamago you win time to go inside.” You said as you saw a little pile of snow that sat five feet from you get up and turn to look at you. “Hey sitting in the snow isn’t fair.” You giggled walking back to the door where you saw the other countries making their way out.  “Are you guys leaving?”

    “Afraid so, chica.” Spain told you as he picked you up in a hug. “But we’ll come see you again alright?” You smiled and nodded.

    You waved to your new friends as you looked up at the Nordics. “Do I get to go to a world meeting with you guys?” You asked as a pondering look was shared by all of them. They all looked at you as they nodded.

    “Yay.” You smiled excited to meet more people like you.

    -a couple days time skip-

    You were too excited to sleep and Iceland saw this. “You’re going have to sleep, Greenland.” You turned your head seeing Iceland in your doorway.

    “I can’t! I’m too excited.” You grinned as Iceland sat on the end of your bed but you were found out by a yawn.

    Iceland smiled seeing you rubbing your eyes. “You know if you sleep the sun will come a lot faster and we’ll go a lot sooner.”

    “Really?” You asked as your eye lids started to get heavy. Iceland got up and he tucked you in. You yawned again as you looked out the window at the full moon as the snow was falling. Iceland nodded as you looked at you before your (e/c) eyes shut for the night.

    “Good night, Greenland.”

    To Be Continued…
Here is pt 2 of my Nordics x Child! Reader.

and Yes you don't know what a tomato is but you know what hide and seek is. XD

So in part 3 you get to go to your first world meeting ^^ If there are any countries that you want the reader to meet/see I'lll try to put them in pt 3 ^^

Hetalia: doesn't belong to me

You: don't belong to me

part 1:…
part 2: here
part 3:…
part 4:…
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part 6:…
part 7:…
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