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December 13, 2013
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    “Hanatomago!” You sang walking around looking for the fluffy white dog with Mr. Puffin on your shoulder. You stepped into the front room when Hanatomago jumped out from under the couch at you as you squealed and giggled. “Found you!” You picked her up in a hug.

    “Greenland,” Finland called from the kitchen. “Come drink your hot chocolate I don’t want you to get chilled.” You looked at him as he had your favorite mug filled with hot chocolate and your favorite fixings. You climbed into the kitchen chair that sat next to England who was sipping his tea and reading from his newspaper. You watched him so that every time he took a sip of his tea you took a sip from your hot chocolate. You did this a few times before he noticed what you were doing and gave you a smile.

    “Are you coping me, Poppet?” He asked as you innocently shook your head as he took another sip of his cup and you did the same.

    “Greenland.” Finland looked at you.

    “It’s quite alright, Finland.” England smiled. “When she does it it’s cute and funny. When America does it he’s just trying to annoy me.”

    “Where is America?” You asked looking around noticing America and Denmark were missing.

    “I think they went into town to get a few things.” Canada said as you took a drink to empty your mug.

    You jumped down and put your mug in the sink before joining the others as they watched TV. You sat on the couch between Norway and Iceland watching whatever it was. You really didn’t get what it was but you sat there anyway. After a while you found yourself in the darkness as the power went out. You let out a whimper before you felt Iceland’s arms picking you up putting you in his lap and holding you close.

    “Greenland?” Finland called out to you not able to see anything in the darkness.

    “I’ve got her.” Iceland answered as you buried your face in his chest.

    “Why did the power go out?” You asked as your question was muffled into Iceland’s chest but he was still able to understand you. “Are those guys back?” He felt your grip tighten as you thought of the guys as his grip on you tightened holding you.

    “It might just be the storm.” He told you when Finland came in with a lit candle handing it to Sweden to make a fire in the fireplace.

    “I think I have flashlights in my room.” Norway said walking upstairs.

    You looked up from Iceland’s chest as the room was a bit lighter with the small fire and grew brighter with the flame.

    “Better?” Iceland asked you as you nodded when the door flew open causing you to gasp as two figures hurried inside. You felt yourself hide your face again as you heard the door shut.

    “I hate the cold!” You heard America’s voice. “I’m freeing my jingle bells off.”

    You looked up shaking seeing Denmark and America at the door brushing snow off of themselves.

    “What the hell is wrong with you two?” Iceland growled at them.

    “What did we do?” Denmark asked putting his bag down. “And why are the lights off?”

    “The power is out and you two couldn’t have come in without scaring Greenland?” Iceland asked as they both saw you shaking in Iceland’s arms.

    “We didn’t kno..GAH!” Denmark said as he felt his tie being pulled behind him by Norway.

    “Sorry little dudette.” America said scratching the back of his head. “The winds are getting wicked strong out there.”

    “A storm must be coming. That explains how dark it is.” Finland said as England pulled his phone out. “What’s going on?”

    “I’m giving out housemate a call before I lose service all together if it comes to that.” He said standing up and walking to the kitchen before he heard a familiar voice.


    “Hello, Love. How are you doing?”

    “Hey Arthur!” He heard his roommates voice.  “How is everything over there?”

    “So far it’s alright…”

    [F.A.C.E Roommate’s POV]

    “…how’s everything over there?” You heard Arthur’s voice as you looked around you seeing everyone in the kitchen cooking.

    “Everything is going great. We’re about to eat.”

    “Oh good I’ll give you a call later alright, Love?”

    “Alright. Bye Arthur!” You smiled putting your phone in your pocket as you walked into the kitchen.

    “Hola, ______.” You heard Antonio say as he was stirring sauce. “Come try this.” He picked up a spoon from the plate next to him as he filled it with sauce. “Watch out is very hot.”

    You blew gently on it before putting it up to your mouth. “That’s really good.”  

    “Gracias.” He smiled as he continued stirring. You looked at everyone as they were doing their own thing.

    “Is there something I can do?” You asked as Feliciano looked over.

    “Sure, Bella!” He smiled. “You can set the table for us.”

    “Great.” You smiled as you took seven plates out of the cabinet and took them into the other room to set the table. You stated to put the plates in place when you heard a single knock sound outside the sliding door in the dining area. You looked up seeing a dark figure dash off into the darkness as you stared out the window you were near. “What the…”

    To Be Continued…
Alright part 6 and we finally get to see what the F.A.C.E's roommate is up to ^^ and before I got the comments "If F.A.C.E reader is in this fic why is it called Nordics/AlliesxChild!Reader and nothing about the Axis?" well one because that title would be way to long to put in this and two because being Greenland hasn't dealt much with the 2Ps that POV will be used more. The F.A.C.E reader does have some stuff to do with Greenland but that is until later. Hope you enjoy ^^

Hetilia: Doesn't belong to me
You: don't belong to me

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dark figure dash off into the darkness as you stared out the window you were near. “What the…”
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Oh no! roommate reader is in for trouble
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