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August 25, 2013
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    “How recentry?” Kiku asked looking at your wondering (e/c) eyes.

    “I don’t know.” You shook your head. “I might have been here before I lost my memory.”

    “That makes sense.” Alfred said thinking about it. “We did find you at the river not too far from here.”

    “Maybe some of the shop owners saw you and courd terr us if you were here or not.” Kiku suggest as you agreed. You spent the next hour walking into different shops asking the owners if you went there a couple nights before. They all had the same answer.

    “Sorry I’ve never seen you.”

    “I wasn’t working that night.”

    “I don’t remember.”

    Or “Can’t say you were.”

    You let out a sigh feeling Kiku’s hand on your shoulder. “It’s going to be ok, ______-chan.” He told you as you looked away.

    “Yeah We’ll find out what happen that night.” Alfred smiled giving you a thumbs up.

    “Maybe I never was here and I’m just kidding myself.” You sighed again not realizing it. “Thank you anyway for helping me.” You smiled as they told you it wasn’t a problem.

    “Oh game store!” Alfred yelled pointing across the street. “I have to get the second one to this!” He held up the game he’s been playing as he ran off with Japan on his heels telling his we didn’t want to get separated. You followed as you walked up to the store door.

    “Hey you’re back.” You heard a voice from the next building over. You looked seeing a man sweeping off the sidewalk.

    “I am?” you asked as he nodded.

    “Yeah didn’t you leave a dress with me?” You looked up seeing ‘Dry cleaners’ on the building. “Yeah you had a date and you wanted to get your dress cleaned for it.” He told you as you walked closer to him.

    “Really? Did I tell you anything else?”

    “No you dropped off the dress and I told you it would be ready in about an hour. Last time I saw you.”

    “So I never picked up the dress?” you asked as he shook his head. “Do you still have it?”

    “Yeah come on.” He led you inside. “Do you have your ticket?”

    You shook your head. You explained about what happened and how you were trying to find out what happened to you.

    “What a shame.” The man thought for a minute and he typed something in his computer. “I don’t normally do this but because I remember you coming in I can find your dress.” He pushed a button as the rack of clothes moved. It stopped as he took a sexy (favorite color) dress off the rack. It went right about the knee and with lace around the edges.

    “Thank you.” You said taking it. “What do I owe you for the clean?”

    The man shook his head. “It seems you’ve already gone through enough. Think of it as a good luck gift from me.” He smiled.

    “Well thank you very much.” You smiled. “Oh one more thing do you know what way I walked after dropping this off?”

    “Yeah you walked out the door and headed down the street.” He pointed out the door.

    “Thank you again.” You said walking out the door and started walking. You were walking for a bit when you walked past an alley when something caught your eye. You saw a metal clasp in the snow. You brushedthe snow away as you saw it was a purse. You opened it as the first thing you pulled out of it was a Dry cleaner ticket. “This must be mine.” You said matching the ticket number to the number on your dress. You looked in the purse to see if you could find a ID or something. Just your luck the wallet was gone. All that was there was a chap stick, some gum and mints. “I didn’t keep much in here.” You said as you jumped hearing laughing.

    “Well returning for your things are you?” a man said standing with another guy. Both were in winter coats and looked like the type of thugs you would see on TV.

    “Returning?” you asked backing up as they got closer.

    “You know the boss was upset we lost you the other night.” One of the men said pulling out a knife out of his jacket.

    “But he’ll be so happy when we tell him that we found you again.”

    “Happier when you’re gone.” The one with the knife took a swipe  as you backed up and he got you on the palm of you right hand. You cried in pain grabbing a hold of it. You looked up as the guy took the knife and holding it above you. Both men were really close to you as your back was against the brick wall. Tears formed in your (e/c) eyes as you looked at the knife but just before he let the knife strike you saw two leather gloves on either side of the guys heads as the hands knocked both men’s heads together knocking them out cold. They both fell as you looked up seeing Alfred standing there.

    “No one messes with, ______!” He laughed as he looked at you seeing you holding your bloody hand and his smile faded. “___-______. You’re hurt.”

    You stared at him stunned from what just happened. The tears spilled out of your eyes as you have no idea how scared you really were. Alfred knelt down beside you as he wiped your tears away. Kiku had walked up from behind him.

    “There you are Arfred-san. Why were you running…” He saw your hand and the two men on the ground. “______-chan. Your hand.” He knelt down gently taking your hand and looking at it. He took a small cloth and wrapped it to stop the bleeding. “We need to get you back.” He said as he and Alfred helped you up. You leaned over to get the dress covered in thin plastic and purse.

    “What’s that?” Alfred asked as you explained how the dry cleaner told you that you had a dress there from the night you lost your memory and that you came down to the alley and found the purse with the dry cleaner ticket.  

    “That’s when these two came and said that they were to finish the job.” You shivered thinking of the men.

    “They did, did they?” Alfred took both unconscious men and threw them over both his shoulders as you guys headed back.

    -Time skip-

    You sat on a couch with your head on Tino’s shoulder as he had his arm wrapped around your shoulder comforting you. Emil was on your other side of you and both Lukas and Berwald standing behind the couch as you all watched Mathias pacing back and forth.

    “Mathis would you stop?” Tino asked still holding you as you were still shaken up from earlier.

    When you came back with Alfred and Kiku, Yao was nearby and was able to clean your cut and rewrap it. It was sort of deep so the he put gaze on it to stop the bleeding before wrapping it. Alfred had put the two guys in a room where he and Arthur tied them to a couple of chairs to wait until they woke up. You sat on a couch in another room when Tino, Berwald, Lukas, Emil and Mathias came in after hearing what happen to you.

    “How could someone just go after someone else like that?” Mathias asked getting ticked by the minute. “Someone needs to go in there and teach them a lesson.”

    “And when you teach them this lesson will they be able to tell us anything on why they attacked ______?” Lukas asked looking at the tall blond. He just rolled his eyes as the door opened and you turned to see Arthur and Yao walking towards you.

    “Well they’re both awake.” Arthur said.

    “But not talking?” Emil asked as Arthur shook his head.

    “We are going to try one thing that Yao suggested.” Arthur said as Yao sunk down a bit.

    “But just because I suggested it doesn’t mean I have to ask.” Yao said as Arthur handed the cell phone to Yao. He sighed as he dialed.

    “Who is he calling?” You asked as Arthur put his index finger to his lips.

    “Hey,” Yao started. “I’ve got a favor to ask….Well there are these two guys we have to some information from them and they’re not talking….. well they’re the guys that attacked ______ and…hello?”

    You looked at Yao as it seemed like the person hung up when suddenly the door to the outside opened as a cold chill of the wind blew in and you saw Ivan standing there. He had a purple aura around him as he walked in with his innocent smile on his face. He smiled and looked at you as he passed you. “Don’t worry Sunflower. I’ll get the mean men to talk.” He walked into the door of the back room with, what was that? A lead pipe? Yao and Arthur followed behind him as the door shut behind them. There was a moment of silence before a sudden crack and screams from one of the guys. Berwald’s hands covered your ears which muted a lot of the screaming of pain from your ears. You saw Tino flinched a couple times telling you that more cracking and screaming was happening. You looked up at Berwald who looked at the door with his same expression on his face. He finally let go of you when the door reopened as the guys came out all except for Ivan with looks of fear on their face.

    “Well?” Lukas asked as Alfred held a piece of paper with his handwriting on it.

    “We’ve got an address.” He said still a little freaked out.

    “How did you get that?” Emil asked as Ivan smiled.

    “There’s nothing a couple broken sheens can’t fix.” He smiled.

    “Sure can’t fix those sheens.” Lukas said with a pained look on his face.

    -Time Skip-

    “What do you mean I can’t go with you to the address?” You asked Tino as you were sitting on your bed.

    “It’s too dangerous.” He told you with Berwald and Lukas standing behind him.

    “Plus you already have that.” Mathias told you as he sat on your bed and pointed to your hand. “We kind of want to keep you in one piece.”

    “As I hate to say it.” Lukas shook his head. “Mathias is right.” He cringed. “Ah I’m going have to wash my mouth out with soap.” He looked away while Mathias smiled his goofy smile.


    “Y’’re n’t g’in’” [you’re not going] Berwald said as this was the first time you really heard him speak.


    “No buts ______.” Tino told you. “Now go to sleep. You had a long day.” He handed you a cup of hot chocolate that he made for you. You sighed as you put the mug on your night stand as you crawled in your sheets.

    “Good night, ______.” Tino tucked you in under the comforter as they all left your room as Lukas closed your door. You sat up as you sipped the hot chocolate. It made you think of Christmas for some reason. You had to admit it was the best hot chocolate you ever had. You sat there thinking in the dark for a while until you finally came up with a decision. You were going to follow them.  

    To be continued...
Ok this is pt 4 of "Finding the Truth" You get a little info but not a lot. Bummer. Well hope you enjoy ^^

Hetalia doesn't belong to me
You don't belong to me

Part 1:…
Part 2:…
Part 3:…
Part 4: here
Part 5:…
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