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August 24, 2013
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    The only thing you could hear was your breathing. You could see your breath as you climbed up onto a rock wall trying to find Mathias. You could see the rest of the guys on the benches watching for the next to get hit but Mathias was nowhere to be found. You walked along the wall as you listened closely. You shut your (e/c) eyes concentrating on the sounds around you.

    “You’re mine, ______!”

    Your eyes shot open as you turned your head seeing a snowball flying at you. You dodged it as you jumped behind the wall picking snow up and balling it up tossing it as it was dodged. This went on as you ducked behind the wall and Mathias dodged behind a tree. It was until you went up to throw a snowball when you felt the impact of the frozen ball hit you into your chest with such force you flew back onto the ground on your back.

    “Miss ______!” Toris yelled as him and the others went running to your motionless body laying in the snow.

    “______? Is she alright?” Tino asked looking at you as you opened your eyes seeing the guys looking at you including Mathias. You started to smile which turned into a small laugh.

    “I think she lost it.” Lukas said seeing you laugh. “Nice going, Mathias, you broke her.”

    “I’ve got to say that was a nice shot.” You said as Mathias offered you his hand to help you up.

    Mathias laughed as you brushed the snow off your clothing. “You’re not bad yourself, ______.” He grinned a goofy grin and you could tell he gave this grin a lot.

    “Are you sure you’re alright?” Eduard asked as you nodded.

    “I’m fine it wasn’t like it was a high fall.” You smiled as a beep was heard from each of the guys and they each took a cell phone out of their pockets. “What was that?”

    “We all have a meeting we have to attend.” Tino told you as he put his phone in his pocket.

    “Hey why don’t you come with us, ______?” Mathis asked you.

    “I wouldn’t know what the meeting is about.” You said looking at them.

    “ That’s alright.” Lukas told you. “You can just space out or just sit there. Mathis does that in every meeting and he gets through them just fine.”

    You giggled as Mathis shot a look towards Lukas and he shot one back. You followed them to another building a bit farther back from either the sleeping or dining hall. You walked in the huge double doors as you found yourself looking around you at all the different people walking around. You followed closely to your new friends as they walked into a huge room with a long table. You looked around at the people in there.

    “Bella!” You heard Feliciano yell as he ran over hugging you.

    “Hey Feliciano.” You smiled as you felt his warm hug.

    “Did you have fun today? I missed you!” He smiled.

    “I did and I missed you too.” You giggled as you heard the voice of his brother yelling at him.

    “Feliciano! Get your ass back of here you bastard!”

    “Ve, I’ve got to go, Bella.” He hugged you again before running off. You giggled at how bubbly he was as you turned running into someone.

    “Oh I’m sorry.” You look up seeing Ivan smiling down at you with his three men next to him. “Oh Ivan hello.”

    “Hello Sunflower.” He kept his smile on. “I was wondering if my men kept you unharmed today.”

    You looked at the three men cowering behind the large Russian as they thought of the snowball fight earlier as you smiled. “They were so delightful Ivan. I couldn’t have had a better time.” You smiled as all three finally relaxed while Ivan smiled in delight.

    “That is good to hear.” He said walking over to the long table with his men walking behind him.

    “______!” You heard Mathias yell. “You can sit next to me!” You saw him push a name tag away.

    “Whose seat is this?” you asked sitting down between Mathis and Tino.

    “A few of the people couldn't make it so we have a couple extra seats.” He laughed as Lukas rubbed his temples on Mathis’ other side with Emil.

    “I swear if you don’t shut the…” Lukas started before Ludwig yelled over the all the yelling from the other people sitting at the table.

    “Let us get this meeting started!” His voice boomed as the whole place went silent. “Now today we have ______ joining in today. I expect for you all to be on your best behavior!”

    You felt the blush spread on your face as all eyes turned to you. You didn’t really know anything of the meeting so you didn’t really pay attention. You played tic-tac-toe with Tino and giggled as Mathias kept shooting paper footballs at a couple other people in the meeting. When the meeting ended you met so many different people. They kept coming up to you introducing themselves.

    “Hey I know, why don’t you hang with the awesome me!” Gilbert told you after introducing himself.  

    “Because she is hanging out with us!” Mathis told him laughing.

    “Us?” Lukas looked at Mathis. “I don’t want to hang out with you.”

    “No she’s hanging out with us!”Alfred broke in the crowd.

    Before you knew it everyone was back to arguing on who you were going to hang out with. You slipped through the crowd unnoticed and walked outside. You sighed in relief as you walked the snowy path. You didn’t mind making all these new friends but you didn’t want to cause arguing either. You saw a bench where Matthew sat. You smiled walking up to him. “Hi Matthew.”

    The shy boy jumped looking at you.  “Y-you remember me?” he asked as you nodded.

    “Yeah you helped me yesterday.” You looked at him as a blush grew on his face. “Did I do something wrong? I can go and …”

    “No!” He looked at you. “I mean no. You can stay.” He smiled hugging his polar bear close to him as you took a seat next to him. “So did you have fun in the meeting?”

    “It was alright but after everyone wanted me to hang out with them and I don’t mind but not so many at once.” You giggled as you heard Matthew let out a sigh. You turned looking at him. “Did I say something wrong?”

    “No it’s just… count yourself lucky that they remember you.” You looked at him. Is that why he asked if you remembered him earlier? “No one ever remembers me or my name.”

    “Who are you?” Kumajiro asked.

    You looked at the bear as you smiled. “He’s Matthew.” You answered before Matthew could answer. “and I always remember who you are.” You smiled as Matthew looked at you before hugging you. This shocked you but you quickly hugged him back. You couldn’t imagine not remembering someone like Matthew. He was to sweet to forget.

    Matthew got word that he had to go meet with someone that was if they remember or see him. You decided to go explore a bit more on the grounds. The snow fell as you took in the cold air. You felt peaceful until you heard fast footsteps.

    “HE’S MINE!” You herd as the person tackled you onto the ground. You looked up as a girl with long blond hair with a dark blue ribbon in it. Her eyes were filled with rage as she hung a dagger over you. She slammed the dagger down as you moved side to side dodging it.

    “LET ME GO!” You screamed still dodging. Your heart pounded as the dagger got closer and closer to hitting you with every swing. You felt yourself stiffen as you heard a familiar voice.

    “Natalia! Let her go now!” You heard Ivan as your eyes didn’t leave the dagger hanging over you.

    “Big brother.” The girl looked at Ivan. “But…”

    “I said now, Natalia.” He said again as she glared at you once again before getting off of you and walking over to her brother. Your breathing was still uneasy as you laid in the snow thinking about what just happened. You were pulled back to focus when you saw Ivan standing over you.

    “Sunflower?” he spoke looking at you. “Are you alright?”

    You looked at him as he helped you to your feet feeling you shake. “Are you hurt?” You shook your head as you looked behind him to the girl standing with another girl with short hair and a large chest.

    “You got here just in time.” You said under your breath as Ivan gave you a sweet smile.

    “I had feeling when I didn’t see you in the meeting room and saw my little sister missing as well.” Was she following you until you were alone? You looked at him not sure what to say. You were freaked out from the girl attacking.

    “Th-Thank you Ivan.” That’s all you could say as he wrapped his arms around you in a hug.

    “Anything to keep my sunflower safe.” You returned the action. You both let go as he went with his younger sister and who you assumed to be his older sister.

    You had spent the rest of the day in the sleep building reading in the safety of your sheets. Yao had came in earlier to fix your bandages. He took your splint off and you thanked him saying that maybe now your boot will fit better. You enjoyed the people you met here. Well almost all except for Natalia. You finished your book as you looked at the wall not knowing what to do now. You stopped as you heard something. Music? You opened your door as you followed the music up to the third floor. You peeked into a room where you saw a man sitting at a piano playing the enchanting music. It was like you were under a spell. The man had brown hair that had a cowlick and purple eyes behind a pair of glasses. His fingers played the keys so naturally. He looked up as you jumped as put your back to the wall not wanting to be seen spying on him.

    “Hey you don’t have to stay out there.” His voice was heard. You peeked in seeing him looking at you. “Come in and sit.”

    “Thanks.” You walked in sitting next to him on the bench. “I’m ______.”

    “Nice to meet you.” The man said. “I’m Roderich.” His song became soft and sad. You listened as he played. You ran your fingers over the ivory keys careful not to put pressure on any of them.  Roderich looked over to you and saw how you looked over the keys. “Do you play?”

    You shrugged not really knowing if you did or not. “I’m not sure.”

    “Why don’t you give it a try?” Roderich told you as he kept playing. You put your fingers out as you pressed the keys down and started to play. It came so natural to you as you kept playing. The both of you played with such a gorgeous melody and so in sync with each other. You played until the late hours of the night until you let out your first yawn.

    “I’m going to have to stop for the night.” You let out another yawn. “But this was really fun.” You smiled.

    Roderich smiled back at you. “It was a pleasure to play with someone with that of your talents, ______.”

    With that you got up and walked out back to your room where you saw your bedside clock flashing 3:37. You smiled as you crawled into your bed and snuggled under your sheets. You started to hum the melody that you just played as you drifted off to sleep.

    -Time Skip-

    “______!” Your (e/c) eyes shot open as you woke up to Alfred’s voice and him banging on your door. You turned to look at your clock which read 12:19.

    “I never slept this late.” You said sitting up but then realized you weren’t sure if you ever have or not. You walked over to the door and opened it seeing Alfred standing there. “Hey Alfred.”

    “Hey ______! You want to go into town with me and Kiku?” He asked with a smile. “Please!”

    “Can I get dressed in my daytime clothes first?” You asked as he nodded. You closed the door and started to get ready. You slipped on your knee high boots smiling because it felt so go not having the splint on in your boot. You opened the door to find Alfred still standing there. “Did you sit out here waiting for me?”

    “Yeah! Ready?” You nodded as he grabbed your hand and ran down stairs.

    You walked along side Kiku as Alfred walked in front of you two playing a handheld game.

    “So are you enjoying yourself here, ______-chan?” Kiku asked breaking the silence.

    “I am.” You smiled. “I just wish I knew what happen and remember a bit more.” You smile faded with the thought of losing your memory.

    “Don’t worry. I’m sure you wirr get your memory back soon.” Kiku assured you as you smiled.

    “Yeah plus if Alfred and the others didn’t find me I probably wouldn’t have met you or the others.” You smiled again as Kiku nodded.

    “Yes it is nice that we were abre to meet you.” Kiku said as you guys walked on the sidewalk into town. You stopped looking at the scene in shock. “______-chan?” Kiku noticed your reaction. “What’s wrong?” He looked at you along with Alfred who looked up from his video game.

    “Th-this street.” You chocked out. “I’ve been here. Recently.”

    To be continued...
I'm so sorry! This is soooooo late. I had to rewrite this thing idk how many times because it kept here's part 3! hope you enjoy

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