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August 9, 2013
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    “What’s wrong, aru?” Yao asked as they five guys turned to look at you standing in the doorway of the building.

    “I…I f-feel like I’m being watched.” You told them covering you mouth.

    “Don’t worry!” Alfred said standing next to you throwing his arm around your shoulder. “The hero will protect you!” He let a loud laugh. “Do you hear that evil doer? You have to go through me first!”

    You let out a small laugh as he escorted you with the others to the other building. You were back in the room as Yao was carefully redressing your wounds. He was so gentle and caring with it that you barley felt any pain as he wrapped you up.

    “Yao?” You softly asked as he was putting some stuff back into his bag. He turned his head looking at you. “I was wondering.” You looked at him with you (e/c) eyes. “I don’t know what stopped me from asking before but… how did I get here?”

    “Ai-ya it wasn’t pretty.” He said shaking his head. “My…” he paused for a moment as he thought. “…friends and I were out we happened to see you on the frozen river. We called out to you but when you didn’t respond we thought the worst.” He smiled at you. “When we got to you we found you were still breathing but you were also very banged up. We got you back here and patched you up so you could rest.”

    “How long was asleep from when you guys got me here to when I first met you guys?”

    “We found you late last night.” He looked into your eyes. “You woke up basically thirteen hours later. Luckily you had less damage done to you then I thought aru” He smiled as you did. He saw your eyes start to close as you tried to stay awake. “Here you need to get some sleep aru.” He helped you lay down as put the (f/c) sheets over you.

    “Thank you, Yao.” You yawned.

    “Wǎn'ān, ______.” He smiled slowly shutting your door.

    -Time Skip-

    Your eyes shot open as you thought you heard something tapping at your window. You looked over to your clock seeing 1:42 in red. You stood up making your way to the window where you didn’t see anything. No tree branch touching your window. As you started to get closer to look you got that feeling again of being watched. You stopped as you stood there in the middle of your room in the dark not moving. Instead you turned heading out your door as you run into something almost knocking you back. You look up to see your Russian friend.

    “Ivan?” You gasped looking at him. “I’m sorry I was…”

    “It is fine, sunflower.” He smiled cutting you off. “What are you doing up? I thought you went to bed, da?”

    “Yes I was but,” You looked back into your room as you thought about if you actually heard the noise that woke you up or not.

    “You have that feeling again?” He asked as you turned looking at him again seeing him look over your head that he seem to do with ease.

    “It might be nothing.” You told him as he walked into your room not seeing anything out of the ordinary. “I woke up hearing a tapping sound and thought it was coming from my window.” You watched as Ivan looked out your window and opened it looking down not seeing noting in the snow.

    You knew he wouldn’t being you were on the second floor but he still looked. “I’m sorry to bother you with this, Ivan.”

    “No need to apologies.” He told you as you sat on your bed with your head in your hands. You felt your bed dip as he sat beside you. “Would you like me to stay to night, da?”

    “Wh-what?” you asked looking into his purple eyes which you were surprised you could see in the darkness. “You don’t have to do that, Ivan. Really.”

    “No it is fine.” He smiled at you. “I want you to feel safe and no one with bather you if I am here.”

    You threw your arms around his midsection. “Thank you, Ivan.”

    He was surprised at your actions but you felt his strong arms around you as he returned the hug. He helped you back into your spot as he laid down next to you. You felt his arm around you as he pulled you closer to him protectively. “Good-night, sunflower.”

    -Time Skip-

    Your (e/c) eyes fluttered open finding Ivan was gone. You sat was rubbing your eyes as you noticed a piece of paper on the pillow that Ivan used only hours ago.


    I had a meeting early this morning. I have informed my employed men to make sure of your safety and if you are harmed or uncomfortable in any way tell me and I will make sure they receive the punishment that they deserve.  


    You blinked a couple time as you reread the note a few times. “Employed men?” You asked yourself as you brushed your (h/c) tangled hair out of your face. You fixed your hair to hide the bandage. “There looks a lot better.” You smiled as you changed into your clothes for the day and headed down the hall.

    There were three guys sitting on the couches by the fire place. One had blond hair with blue eyes behind his silver glasses. Another had dirty blond hair with purplish blue eyes and seemed nervous as he shook a lot. The last had brown hair that went right above his shoulders and deep green eyes.  As you reached the bottom step the one with brown hair must have seen you.

    “Miss ______. Good morning.” He stood up and bowed slightly at the waist as the other stood up looking at you.

    “Good morning.” You said looking at them. “Are you the men Ivan told me about?”

    “Y-y-yes we are.” The smallest one with the dirty blond hair stuttered from what seemed to be from fear.

    “Allow us to introduce ourselves.” The tallest one said as he pushed his glasses up to his eyes. “I’m Eduard.”

    “I-I’m Ravis.” The shortest one shuttered.

    “ and I’m Toris.” The one with long brown hair said.

    “It’s a pleasure to meet you all.” You smiled at them.

    “Ivan told us to keep you company for the day so you aren’t lonely while he is in his meeting.” Toris laughed as he looked at you.

    “Are you hungry?”  Eduard asked. “We can go get breakfast.”

    “That sounds good.” You nodded as they lead you to the building you had dinner the night before.

    “Good morning, Bella.” Eduard said looking into the kitchen as a blond woman  turned looking at them.

    “Good morning boys.” She smiled. “Oh whose your friend?” she asked looking at you.

    “I’m ______.” You told her smiling.

    “Well I hope you’re hungry, ______.” She said holding up a plate fresh fluffy waffles.

    “Oh thank you.” You said taking the plate and smiling.

    “Hey Brother can you get some more batter.” She smiled as a tall man with high hair looked at her and walked to the make to get more of her homemade batter.

    “That’s Tim.” Toris whispered to you as you dipped a piece of waffle in a small of syrup. “He doesn’t talk much.”

    “Oh.” You replied as you looked at your plate and offered some to the three men. “Want some?”

    They all declined saying they ate already but thanked you in return. After you finished eating you walked outside with the three men down a pathway looking at the snow.

    “What would you like to do Miss ______?” Toris asked walking along side you.

    As you thought you all stopped as a white blur flew in front of you. You noticed it to be a snowball as you all looked to the direction it came from. There were five guys standing in the empty field.

    “I told you I can throw the hardest!” a tall guy with blond spikes in his hair told another guy with lighter blond hair with a floating curl.

    “You didn’t even throw it the right way you jackass.” He looked at the taller one.

    Another one had silver hair and purple eyes stood by the one with the floating curl. The two last guys were standing a few feet away, one tall blond with glasses and the other shorter lighter blond and wore a white hat.

    As the two argued the shorter guy with the white hat looked over seeing you and waved. “Hey!”

    You followed Toris and the other two towards them as the two men stopped arguing.

    “Miss ______, this is Tino,” Toris looked at the one that wore the white hat. “Berwald,” he looked to the tall one with glasses. “Emil,” he looked to the silver haired one. “Lukas.” He looked at the guy with the floating curl. “and…”

    “I’m the king around here.” The last one yelled and laughed making you jump. He reminded you a lot of Alfred. Just them Lukas grabbed a hold of his tie and pulled chocking the tall man.

    “That’s Mathias.” Toris said standing back looking at Mathias gasping for air.

    You don’t know why but it seemed how these two get along you smiled which turned into a giggle that caught the attention of the five guys.

    “Hey maybe they want to join.” Mathias said between gasps of air.

    “Join?” Eduard asked looking at them fixing his glasses.

    “We’re having a snow ball battle.” Mathias yelled after being let go by Lukas.

    “I-is it like a snow ball fight?” Ravis asked looked at him as the tall man laughed.

    “It’s much worst. No mercy. Only one rule.” He smiled. “If you get hit you’re out.”

    “I’m good.” Toris quickly said.

    “Me too.” Eduard told them as Ravis shook his head.

    “I want to play.” You said with a gleam in your (e/c) eyes.

    “Miss ______?” Toris looked at you putting his hand on your shoulder. “Are you sure? What about your head wound?”

    “I’ll be fine.” You assured him. “It’s just a bit of fun.”

    Mathias smiled. “Fresh meat.” He joked. “You’re your own team and the point of it is to hit the other players.”

    “And not to get hit yourself.” You told him as he laughed.

    “You catch on quick.” He told you.

    “Are you sure you want to do this?” Eduard asked you as you nodded.

    “Game on!” Mathias yelled as he and the others ran into the woods hiding from each other as you hid in the trees. You watched and listened as you peeked out from your spot able to see Eduard, Toris and Ravis sitting on a bench in the field. You stalked deeper into the woods as you spotted the tall blond with glasses walking and watching. You already saw him take out the silver haired boy so you knew that was one less you had to worry about.

    You snuck around as you kept your eyes on him making sure you moved without making a sound. You balled up snow as you packed it tight and threw your arm back before hearing a loud cheer of victory coming from an area behind you. You stopped as you notice Berwald looking at you. You ducked as he quickly tossed a snowball your way and you tossed yours hitting him in the chest.

    “I got you.” You smiled as he brushed the snow off of him. With his straight face and looked at you. You stopped in fear you made him made but wait. Did you see a hint of a smile as he looked at you? You watched as he walked over to the benches with Emil, Tino and Ivan’s guys.

    “Another hit!”

    “Damn Dane!” You heard from a distance as you saw Lukas coming out of the woods brushing snow off of him. Was this it? Only you and Mathias one on one for the win?

    To be continued
Here is part 2 ^^

Wǎn'ān: good night

Heatlia: doesn't belong to me

You: don't belong to me

Part 1:…
Part 2: here
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