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July 30, 2013
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    ‘Run’ you told yourself. ‘Just run.’

    You had been running for you don’t know how long. You had a gash in you right temple that bled as you held your hand on it. You look behind you as you are sure the men are still chasing you. The snow below your feet made it easier to track you especially when you took a fall and blood fell on the white surface. You couldn’t feel your legs being you had been running so long in the cold. You run across an icy bridge and as your foot slips you feel yourself falling as you land on the frozen water below blacking out.

    -Time Skip-

    Your (e/c) eyes flutter open as you regain consciousness. You were in a warm bed in a dark room. You sat up as your head throbbed. You reached up touching it as you feel a bandage that went around your head. You also had a bandage around your right wrist and a splint on your left ankle.

    “What happen?” You ask out loud as the door opened as a man with blond hair with a cowlick walked in.

    “Hey! She’s awake!” He yelled startling you as you fell off the bed into the small space between the bed and the wall.

    “Ow.” You groaned as you fell.

    “Look what you did you git!” You heard a British accent tell off the first man.

    As you groaned a smaller man with his dark hair tied into a ponytail jumped over the bed to your side looking at your injuries. “You have to be careful aru. You were in pretty bad shape.” He said as a taller man with a scarf walked over to you from the end of the bed.

    “We don’t want you to hurt yourself, Sunflower.” He smiled an innocent smile as he picked you up setting you back into the bed.

    “Oui mon cher.” A blond man with a rose told her. “You need to take it easy.”

    “What happen?” You asked as you looked at the five guys in the room.

    “We were hoping you could tell us that, love.” A blond man with the British accent said as you shook your head.

    “I…I don’t remember.” You felt the bandage around your head as you flinched from the pain. “The last thing I remember is waking up in the snow with this gash in my head. Anything before that is a blank.”

    “Everything?” The blond with the cowlick asked. “What a bummer dude.” He stopped. “Sorry dudette.”

    “Do you know who you are?” the blond British man asked.

    You paused as you thought. “I think my name is ______. Yeah. ______ sounds right.”

    “Well ______. I’m Arthur.” The blond British introduced himself. “Over there is Alfred.”

    “The Hero!” The blond with the cowlick loudly said as you flinched from the loud sound hurting your head.

    “Do you have a volume control?” Arthur asked as Alfred laughed.

    “I’m Yao.” The smaller man with his dark hair pulled back in the ponytail.

    “I’m Ivan.” The taller man with the scarf said smiling.

    “Saving the best for last, Oh-hoh-hoh.” The blond with the rose kissed your hand as he handed you the rose. “I’m Francis.”

    “It’s very nice to meet you all.” You told them. “I don’t know how I would repay you all for helping me.”

    “Just get some rest, love.” Arthur told you helping you back under the (f/c) sheets. “We’ll talk more later.” He wished you sweet dreams as he shooed the rest out of the room telling them you need your rest. You felt a smile come onto your face as you closed your (e/c) eyes.

    -Time skip after you fall asleep-

    “Bella? Bella?”

    You opened your eyes seeing another guy in your room. This one had reddish brown hair with a curl on the left side of his head.

    “Ve! Bella you’re awake. I’m so happy.”

    “Feliciano!” You heard an angry sounding voice from out of your door. You sat up as a muscular blond man walked in to the room. As he saw you were awake he stopped. “Hallo Fräulein.”

    “Um, Hi.” You said as a shorter man with black short hair walked in.

    “Isn’t this great!” The one called Feliciano said looking at the blond man.

    “Ve really should let her have her rest.” He told Feliciano.

    “Wait.” You told him as the three of them were headed out the door. “I’m ______. Who are you guys?”

    “I’m Feliciano!” Feliciano said returning to your bed side.

    “I’m Ludvig.” The muscular man said as you looked at the shorter dark haired man.

    “Herro. I am Kiku.” He bowed slightly.

    “It’s nice to meet you all.” You smiled as Feliciano did at you.

    “You scared us, bella!” He told you. “When they brought you in you weren’t awake and I was worried you were hurt.”

    You smiled at Feliciano. “I’m fine now.” You simply said.

    “Vell we should let you get your rest. Come along Feliciano.”

    “Ve! Okie Dokie!” He lunged forward wrapping his arms around you in a hug. “I’m glad you’re alright, bella.” He stood up as he followed Ludwig and Kiku out.

    As the door closed you laughed to yourself. “What a bunch of characters.”

    -Time skip an hour or two-

    You stared at the ceiling now getting a bit antsy not wanting to sit in the bed any more. You sat up as you put your feet on the floor. You seemed to be well enough to at least walk a bit. You slid on your light brown knee high boots (carefully over the split Yao put on you) as you walked out the door. You walked in the hallway as you found stairs leading down at the end of the hall so you slowly walked your way down.  You found yourself in a lobby type of room with a few sofas in front of a fireplace with bookshelves filled with books.

    “Did I like to read?” you asked yourself as you shrugged walking out to the cold snowy air. You looked around as you saw another building across the way. “I wonder where those guys are.” You feel your foot step on an ice patch as you lost your balance falling on your back able to keep your head from hitting the cement ground. “This isn’t my day…” you groaned.

    “Oh maple! Are you alright?” You heard a soft voice ask as a guy ran up helping you gentle to your feet.

     “Yes I’m fine.” You looked at the man who helped you. He looked a lot like Alfred but had purpleish-blue eyes and a curl instead of a cowlick. “Thank you.” You smiled as he did to but shyly. “I’m ______”

    “I’m Matthew.” He had the softest voice you ever heard.

    “Are you, um related to Alfred?” You asked as he rolled his eyes.

    “Yeah he’s my brother.” He looked at you as you rubbed your left elbow as it was sore from the fall. “Are you sure you’re alright?”

    “Yes. Thank you again for helping me.” You notice a small polar bear walking up holding a folder in his mouth as Matthew took it and picked him up. “Oh how cute.” You smiled at him.

    “Thanks. This is kumahiro.”

    “Kumajiro.” The bear told him as he looked up at Matthew. “Who are you?”

    “I’m Matthew.” He sighed.

    You smile as you looked around. “Where is everyone?”

    “I think they are in the dining hall.” He pointed to the building you saw across the way where you intended to go before you slipped on the ice. “I was headed that way myself if you want to walk with me.”

    You smiled. “Sure”

    You guys started walking as he opened the door for you heard a familiar voice.

    “Bella! Bella! You’re up!” You turned seeing Feliciano waving his arms from the kitchen.

    “Hey Feliciano.” You said as you walked into the door way seeing him cook. You smell the pasta he was cooking and it smelled wonderful.

    “Hola  Chica.” You heard as you turn seeing a green eyed Spaniard with a smile on his face. He bowed kissing your hand. “I’m   Antonio Fernandez Carriedo but you can call me Toni.”

    You blushed as you also giggled. “Well I’m ______. It’s a pleasure meeting you, Toni.”

    “The pleasure is all mine, chica.”

    “Hey bastardo, stop fooling around and give me a hand with these!” You looked behind Toni as another guy was caring a create of tomatoes. You looked at him and noticed he looked just like Feliciano but with darker hair and the curl on the other side. He also held his eyes open unlike Feliciano.

    “Bella!” Feliciano said putting his arm around your shoulders. “This is my older brother Lovino.”

    “Hi, I’m…” You start to say as Lovino interrupted you.

    “Yeah, You’re ______. I heard you talking to the bastard over there.”  Lovino made a low growling sound as he walked off.

    ‘How is he related to sweet Feliciano?’ you thought to yourself as Feliciano was talking to you.

    “I hope you’re hungry, Bella.” He told you as you smiled.

    “I am.” You giggled. “Can’t wait until it’s done.” You waved to him as you started walking out of the kitchen so you wouldn’t be in the way. You start walking towards where you saw a lot of other people when you see Alfred sitting with Arthur and Ivan. Alfred must have spotted you.

    “Hey, Dudette! Over here!” He yelled waving you over. You walked over to them as Arthur pulls out a chair next to him for you to sit.

    “______, you should be in bed, love.” Arthur told you as he pushed your chair in.

    “I didn’t want to be up there anymore plus it got lonely being up there by myself.” You smiled up at him as he took his seat. “Where’s Yao and Francis?” You asked noticing he wasn’t at the table.

    “Francis is cooking in the back kitchen cooking and Yao is in one of the side kitchens cooking with his brother Kiku.” Alfred said hanging one arm off the back of his chair.

    “Speaking of brothers I met yours, Alfred.” You told him as he looked at you.

    “Yeah I know I was there when you met Arthur.”

    “I think she is talking about Matthew, you twit.” Arthur told him.

    “Who?” Alfred looked at Arthur. “Oh Mattie! Now that I think about it I haven’t seen him all day.” He said looking around.

    “So you two are also brothers?” you asked looking at Arthur as nodded.

    “Unfoutantly.” He said as a bell was rung telling everyone that the food was ready. “I’ll make you a plate, love.”

    “No need.” You heard Feliciano say as he brought over a plate of food to you. “I made it specially for you, ______.” He smiled setting the plate in front of you. “I hope you like it.”

    “Thank you. It looks great.” You looked at the dish in front of you. “It also looks like a lot of food.”

    “I’m sure the git over there will eat what you don’t, love.” Arthur told you pointing to Alfred who was already in line for his plate.

    Your night was full of laughter and fun as you ate with your new friends. Soon Francis and Yao joined the table and it became even more fun. A yawn escaped from you as Ivan noticed.

    “The little sunflower is tired, da?” He smiled which made you smile.

    “Maybe just a little.” You said as Arthur stood up.

    “Maybe we should get you back to bed then?” He asked as you stood up suddenly feeling a bit light headed, losing your balance again, Arthur catching  you to steady you. “Are you alright, love?”

    “Yeah.” You shook your head as to clear it. “Being out and about must have finally caught up with me.” You smile. “I’m sorry.” You stood up on your own.

    “No need to apologize.” He told you as all five of them walked out towards the other building. You took a step out into the cold night as you stopped. Your heart raced as you flashed backed to being chased the night before. You looked around only seeing the five men you walked out with but you felt something odd. You felt like you were being watched by another pair of eyes.

    To be Continued…
First HetaliaxReader ^^ hope you enjoy

Heatlia: doesn't belong to me

You: don't belong to me (you belong to Russia, da?)

Part 1: Here
Part 2:…
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