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September 12, 2013
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    You were staring off into space as the buzz of the lights was the only sound you heard. You sat on your single bed in your white room dressed in your white t-shirt and white pants. You were staring at the same spot you always stared at. All day. All week. All mouth. All Year.

    “What’s her story?” a young man’s voice asked looking in the window of your one way locked door.

    “That’s ______ ______. She was put in here talking about different people who were named after countries of something like that.” Another male voice said looking in there with the other guy looking at you.


    “Yeah. When she first got here she would being saying stuff about America’s hero voice or Russia going after China. I brought her food once and she told me that it was worst then England’s cooking.”

    “Could they be people she knew and they each had a nickname of a country?”

    “I don’t think so. She said she became friends with the countries themselves but they had human names as well.” He shook his head as he started to walk away from your room. “She even told the guy playing the piano he wasn’t as good as Austria.”

    The two men walked down the hall as you heard their footsteps fading away. You didn’t care. Your eyes never left the wall and that’s all you did. The only light you had or ever had was the buzzing. With time passing by you had no idea what time is was when you heard your door click as someone unlocked it. You hung your head looking at the ground not wanting to see anyone or not knowing what they were here for. To give you the food that you don’t eat any way? To take you to shock therapy? To yell at you? To poke fun at you or shove more pills down your throat?

    Tears began to run down your face as you heard one of them say your name. Another one walked over to you and knelt in front of you tilting your chin looking you into your (e/c) eyes with his emerald green ones. “What have they done to you, poppet?” He asked as he wiped your tears away. You slowly looked over to the other one

    “They turned her into a zombie, dude!” The other one said as he looked at you. “We’ve got to get her out of here.”

    “Indeed but we have to do it so no one knows that we’re…” Suddenly an alarm went off. “…here.”

    “To late now.” The loud one said as he picked you up bridal style. “Let’s get out of here!” He said as they both ran down the halls. The alarm echoed through the halls as the orderlies ran after you guys. You looked up at the one holding you as you looked at his sandy blond hair with the cowlick on top. His blue eyes behind his glasses. He looked down as he saw your (e/c) eyes looking at him.

    “Don’t worry dudette! We’ll protect you. We’re the good guys.” He said as you suddenly saw a black sky. We’re you outside?

    The other one with emerald eyes whistled. “France!” Suddenly you saw lights turn on and an engine as a van pulled up in front of you guys as the first guy jumped in and the guy holding you handed you to him.

    “Step on it!” The loud one yelled as he got in and the wheels spun as the van was moving.

    You were buckled in the seat as you guys were speeding down the road.

    “How is the little chérie doing?” The driver asked as he look at you in the review mirror knowing they were clear of anyone chasing the van.

    “They turned her into a zombie!” The loud one yelled as you didn’t move. You just sat there.

    “She’s acting like America when he watches TV aru.” A voice behind you said.

    “Da, What have they done to our Sunflower?” another voice behind you asked.

    “The most I found out was she was submitted to the as America calls it ‘Nut house’ because she said she knew people that were countries.” The emerald eyed one said.

    “But she does know us!” The load one said looking at you sitting between him and the emerald eyed one.

    “She doesn’t look like her happy self.” A soft voice said from the passenger seat. He looked like the loud guy that was carrying you but he had a long curl instead of the cowlick. The vans headlights turned off as the van turned down a dirt road. After a while the van pulled up to a cabin near a lake.

    “They won’t find you out here, poppet.” The emerald eyed one told you as the loud one took you in his arms again holding you.

    “I’ll go tell the others that we’re here aru.” The guy in the back seat jumped out of the door up to the cabin.

    “Canada and I will put the van in the hide out.” The driver said as he drove off. With that the one holding you started walking up the steps to the cabin.

    “Vhat do you mean she’s not the same?” You heard an angry voice ask as you were inside the cabin.

    “Look for yourself aru.” The guy said as three new guys came in your vision as you were being held in the guy’s arms.

    “Bella?” one of the guys asked as you slowly looked over.

    “What happen to her?” A dark haired guy asked as you were let down to stand on your own two feet. And that what you did. Just stood there.

    “They broke her!” The first guy yelled. “Germany!”

    “Italy, they didn’t break her.” A large man with blond slicked back hair told him.

    “Let’s get her into the kitchen.” The blond with emerald eyes told them as he guided you into the kitchen.

    “She might be hungry.” The man with the short black hair said looking at you.

    “I’ve got scones from earlier.”

    “No way!” The loud one yelled but you just sat there staring off into space. “We’re trying to help her not kill her. I can’t let you do that for I’m the HERO!”

    The word ‘hero’ echoed in your head as you suddenly turned looking at him.

    “She reacted to you aru.”

    “Maybe some pasta will help!”

    “I’ve got McDonalds in the fridge!”

    “Gits. Here you go, love.” A plate of dark biscuits were placed in front of you. The emerald eyed guy held one out to you as you took it. You brought it to your mouth…

    “______! NO!”

    You took a bite as the bitter taste hit you and you dropped the piece in your hand as shut your eyes tight! “AGH! England’s scones!” You shirked as you suddenly realized what you said and tasted. “England’s scones?” You looked up seeing your British friend. “England? England!” You lunged forward wrapping your arms around his neck.

    “______! You’re back, love.” He held you in the hug. You turned seeing your friends as you hugged them all.

    “America! Italy! Germany! China! Russia!” You stopped as you looked at Japan as you knew about his personal space rule. He gave you a gentle smile as you hugged him too. “You guys are really here? I’m not dreaming?”

    “I don’t know with Japan hugging you I might be the one dreaming.” America said as the door opened.

    “What did we miss?” France asked with Canada walking in behind him. You smiled running up into his arms in a hug.

    “France!” You turned hugging Canada. “Canada!”

    “You’re alright!” Canada smiled hugging you.

    You nodded. “Ironically I think England’s scone triggered something in my head and it reacted with the medicine they gave me back at the…” Your face paled as you thought of that horrible place. You started to feel light headed as France took a hold of you so you wouldn’t fall. “I-I can’t go back there.” He looked into your scared (e/c) eyes. “You don’t know what it’s like in there.”

    “Mon cher, we’re not going to let you go back there.” He told you as he took you in the living room and sat you on the couch.

    “Plus they won’t be able to find you all the way out here.”

    “Da they will have to go through me first Sunflower.” You looked up at Russia and smiled.

    “It’s getting late, love.” England said as you nodded. He showed you to your room as they all said their good nights you sat in bed for the first time in a while not hearing buzzing from the lights and not just staring at a blank wall for on the wall was a group picture of you and your nine country friends.

    To Be Continued…
Alright This is my Hetalia x Crazy Reader fic. I hope it goes well and that you enjoy it. Let me know what you think of it ^^ I would like to hear your thoughts lol

Hetalia: doesn't belong to me
You: don't belong to me

Part 1: :star:
Part 2:…
Part 3:…
Part 4:…
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kittykatrocks12 Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I Like this already

France should be referring her to as 'Ma chérie' since she is a girl
adotd Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This is just my opinion, (don't worry I loved this so much) but, what if even England's scones couldn't fix the reader and she was stuck like that for longer. And then everyone else has to see you like that. Just imagine.
Mad-Mocha Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
well it was more of his scones triggered a scene that was familiar that woke the reader up but I do see what you are saying and that would be a boring life lol
adotd Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
But I mean like, the next day when the nordics come over, Finland and Denmark seeing the broken reader.
TheBossGasm Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2014  Student Digital Artist
pockeydocterchu Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I don't think England's cooking is bad! Some of the things he makes are a bit weird, but it isn't bad! D:  

:iconyayenglandplz: -- "Thank you, Love! 

:iconyayamericaplz: -- "She's totally crazy, Dudes! I'll save her cause I'm the Hero! Hahahahaha!  America (The Hero) [V2] 

(America shoves burgers down my throat)

TheTrueKeitastic Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2014  New member
Laughed WAAAAY too hard.
pockeydocterchu Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm glad you enjoyed it. XD
TheTrueKeitastic Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2014  New member
I did. LOL
JadetheKidR9 Featured By Owner May 19, 2014   General Artist
-smiles- Plus! I was already insane before I met you guys! They took me away once before but I mananged to chew myself out of the straight jacket and now I'm here! -giggles which turns into witch like laugh then clears throat- Sorry :3 
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