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September 20, 2013
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    “Count off!” The loud German yelled.

    “Uno.” The Italian said with his normal smile.

    “Ni!” The Japanese man said straitening up.

    “Three.” You said as the German looked at his team.

    “Today’s training is a simple one.” He started as you thought.

    ‘A simple one? We just ran I don’t know how many miles already plus those pushups and pull ups oh and don’t forget the sit ups.’ You realized you were talking in your head and not listening so you pulled yourself back to what the German was saying.

    “Today ve vill deal vith how to properly throw a grenade.” He said as they all watched. “First you take the pin out,” He used his teeth and spit it out.  “and you throw.” He tossed the grenade as it exploded  from a distance. “______!”

    “Y-yes?” You cleared your throat as you repeated your reply without it sounding shaky. “Yes?”

    “You’re up first.” He stepped aside after handing you the explosive. “Ready?”

    ‘no.’ you thought as you got ready.

    “Hit your target!” The German ordered as you took the pin between your teeth removing it and throwing the grenade as it exploded in the distance. “Vell done, ______.” Germany said as her held his hand above his eye watching where your grenade went.

    “Thank you, sir.” It was strange calling Germany sir being he was your friend and all.

    “Japan!” Germany looked behind him.  “You’re next.”

    “Hai!” Japan walked up to take his place while you walked back to stand in your spot.

    “Nice throw, Bella.” Italy told you in his normal cheerful voice.

    “Thank you.” You smiled as your attention was pulled back by Japan’s grenade exploding in the distance.

    “Nice vork, Japan.” Germany looked over as he saw the third member. “Italy!” He called out as Italy skipped over to him.

    “Nice job, Japan.” You looked at your teammate as he gave you a nod.

    “Thank you, ______-chan.” He said as both of you heard the one word you don’t want to hear while dealing with explosives.

    “Oops.” As the words slipped out of the Italian’s mouth you saw that the grenade also slipped out of his hands. Even before Germany could yell ‘retreat’ all four of you started to run. The force from the explosion sent you all to the ground taking cover. You opened your eyes to a high pitch sound. You sat up covering your ears as it dulled out and stopped. You sighed in relief. That sound was giving you a headache. It wasn’t until you felt a hand on your shoulder as you looked up to see Germany by your side talking to you. But something wasn’t right. Luckily one of your trainings with Germany was to read your enemy’s lips but it wasn’t like you were an expert on it. You looked at Germany as his mouths made the words, “Are you okay?”

    “Are you mouthing the words or saying them out loud?” you asked as you answered your own question. You snap your fingers by your ears as you soon found out you couldn’t hear a thing.

    -Time Skip-

    You sat in the doctor’s office after being examined to see if your state was permanent or not. Your head rested on the wall as you sat on the doctor’s table with Italy by your side holding your hand. The doctor was talking to Germany and Japan as you wouldn’t be able to catch everything he said just by reading his lips. You saw Japan slightly bow thanking the doctor as he was handed a small note pad and a pen. Germany looked at Italy as he was talking to him. He was speaking to fast for you to be able to read his lips. You gave up as Japan handed you a note pad with his writing on it.

    ‘The doctor said that your hearing loss is about 60% temporary and it could return as soon as a few hours or in a couple of days.’ You liked it that Japan just kept it simple and didn’t write everything the doctor said.

    “Thank you.” You said to Japan but you weren’t really sure if you said it or not. It was like having headphones on and your music really loud while talking to someone at the same time. You sighed as you felt the embrace of Italy beside you. You felt the vibrations in his throat telling you he was talking. You looked up as you saw tears in his eyes as you didn’t need him to write anything down for you to know he was telling you he was sorry that he caused this. You wrapped your arms around him pulling him close.

    “It’s okay, Italy.” You told him, again not hearing you talk was weird. “It was an accident and no one got hurt.” You rubbed his back as he cried into your shoulder. “We’re lucky this was the worst that happened.” You told him as you looked into his water filled eyes putting on your best smile but the truth was you didn’t know if everything was going to be all right. You could only hope.

    -Time Skip-

    You sat on Italy’s couch while Italy and Germany were in the kitchen with Japan making dinner. You sat there as you looked at the same spot on the wall as you didn’t move from your spot. Your eyes widened as you felt a shove in your shoulder as you looked up seeing Romano looking at you with Spain behind him.

    “What?” You saw Romano’s mouth move in the words. “Are you deaf?”

    Before you could answer you saw Italy came in the room pulling Romano and Spain aside. You sat there knowing he was telling them that you had in fact gone deaf. You looked away as you soon felt someone sit beside you and a hand on your knee. You turned to see Spain’s smiling face that could make anyone’s day a bit brighter. You smiled back at him as he pulled you into a hug.

    Tears came to your eyes for he didn’t have to say anything to you to let you know he was there for you. You tried not to let any tears fall until Italy was out of the room. He already felt bad enough without seeing your fear in all this.

    [Axis POV]

    “I feel awful.” Italy said put his head in his hands.

    “You should,” Romano told his brother. “You took away her hearing.”

    “Itary it was an accident.” Japan told him as he took a sip of his tea. “Prus she might get her hearing back at some point.”

    Italy groaned putting his head on the table as Romano stirred the pasta. “I have to make it up to her.” He thought as he looked up. “They’re having that fireworks show tonight.” Italy looked at the others. “We should bring her to that.”

    “Yeah Sorry I made you deaf so here are some fireworks.” Romano mocked as he put the pasta in different bowls. “Bastardo.”

    “What about fireworks?” The team looked as they saw you walking in with Spain.

    “Bella!” Italy looked at you as he got up and took your hand so you would look at him. “Do you want to go see the firework show tonight?” He asked hoping you understood him as you smiled at him and nodded.

    “That sounds like fun.” You told him as Italy smiled.

    [Reader’s POV]

    You all sat down for dinner as you knew it would be different not being able to hear the chattering at the dinner table. You ate your dinner without saying a word or looking at anyone until your empty bowl was taken by Germany. Your hand was taken by Italy as he asked you ‘Are you ready for the fireworks?’ You nodded knowing what he asked as he pulled to along with the others following.

    -Time Skip-

    You sat in the grass looking at the dark sky waiting for the show to start. You sat between Italy and Japan as you held your knees to your chest. You made sure to keep a smile on your face when Italy was talking to you to make him feel better. Your eyes were drawn to the sky as a bright blue firework exploded in the sky. It was very pretty but it just wasn’t the same not hearing it. After a while Italy notice your smile wasn’t on your face as he knew why. He turned to Germany talking to him as you put your head down covering your eyes with your knees.

    Suddenly a faint popping sound of exploding fireworks reached your ears. You noticed this as you looked up to see if the fireworks were really what you were hearing.

    “…She’ll never forgive me for doing this to her.” You heard a familiar Italian voice as you looked beside you to Italy facing away from you.

    “Italy,” You said as he turned to look at you. “I already forgave you after it happened.”

    “But Bella I…” He stopped as he and the others looked at you. “Bella I said that facing away from you…” You smiled as he hugged you. “Your hearing! It’s back!”

    “That’s great, ______-chan.” Japan said hearing the news.

    “That’s vunderbar, ______.” Germany said as you smiled.

    “It just started to fade back a couple minutes ago.” You giggled as you hugged your friend.

    “I’m so sorry Bella!” Italy apologized again.

    “It’s okay, Italy.” You said as you put your head on his shoulder. “I forgive you.” You smiled as you watched the fireworks with your friends.
Alright I'm doing a small bit of three x reader stories for my "See no evil, Hear no evil, Speak no evil" thing. This is the Hear no Evil as you can see. I hope you enjoy and look for the others coming up soon ^^

Hetalia: Doesn't belong to me
You: don't belong to me

Allies x Blind! Reader:…
Nordics x Mute! Reader:…
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