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September 21, 2013
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    “I’m coming!” You yelled at the teapot whistling with steam coming out. You sighed as you made two cups of tea, two cups of coffee and a cup of (your favorite hot drink). You put the drinks on a tray and brought them in to the living room where you found five of your friends. America and Canada were playing videogames. France was flipping through a magazine. Russia and China were watching the North American brother’s game. You set the tray down as you handed China one of the teas and handed both brothers each a coffee.

    “Thanks, ______.” America said taking the coffee.

    “Thank you.” Canada said in his soft voice. “Did you add…”

    “Maple syrup instead of sugar.” You smiled. “I did.”

    “Thanks.” He said again drinking his coffee.

    “Coffee at this hour?” China asked taking a sip of his tea. “Another great tea, ______.”

    “Thank you China.” You looked around. “Has anyone seen England?”

    “I think he’s down in the basement with his magic.” America said as you took the Brit’s tea and walked to the basement door.

    “England?” you called out knocking on the door.

    “Come in, Poppet.” You heard as you opened the door and walked down the wooden steps.

    “I brought you your tea.” You told him as he was chanting something into a caldron.

    The blue liquid swirled as England looked back to you. “Thank you, love.” He said as you handed him the cup and he took a sip. “You know you make a great cup of tea.” He smiled. “Just right.”

    You smiled as he drank more. “So what are you working on down here?”

    “I’m trying to prefect a spell but all I get is a load of nothing.” He sighed. “I haven’t gotten this spell right or to do anything for that matter.” As you listen to him the caldron started to bubble and before you knew it started to smoke and shake. Both of you looked at the caldron as the shaking turned violent. “Poppet, watch out!” England yelled as the potion started to splatter ever where before a small explosion sending you back hitting the wall then the floor.

    “Poppet?” You heard as you groaned and coughed as you started to get up.

    “That really packed a punch.” You coughed as England hurried to your side helping you to your feet. Your (e/c) eyes opened but all you saw was darkness. “Did you take out the power again?” You asked as this wouldn’t be the first time.

    “No the power is just fi…” England stopped as he looked at you then seeing your (e/c) eyes now dull.

    “England?” you asked as you didn’t hear him. He grabbed you hand to tell you he was next to you as you used the other to cover your mouth as you gasped realizing what happened. “Am I blind?”

    The other Allies heard the door open as they heard England’s voice. “Ok one more step, love.”

    “What was that noise, Iggy?” America asked using the unliked nickname.

    “One of my potions backfired  and I may have blinded ______.” He said ignoring the nickname as the others looked up seeing him entering the room guiding you as you felt along the walls.

    “You what?” You heard them all say as suddenly you felt everyone’s presents near you as you took a step back.

    “What do you mean you blinded sweet ______?” You heard France say to England.

    “What is wrong with you?” you started to hear the talking between them as you couldn’t take it anymore.

    “STOP IT!” You hissed as you heard them stop. “It’s not England’s fault this happen nor did he do it on purpose.” You shook your head. “I want you guys to stop putting the blame on him right now.” You weren't quite sure if they were listen to you or just standing there until you heard them speck again.

    “Sorry, ______” they said as you felt Russia’s hand guiding you to the couch. While everyone went to get different things to make you more comfortable you sat with England as he held your hand.

    “I’m so sorry, love.” He said as he held you hand you looked to where he sat. You were about to tell him that you didn’t blame him when you felt a liquid drip on your hand. You stopped as you thought and realized what that was. Your hand found his cheek that was wet with tears.

    “England please don’t.” You asked him as you felt your eyes tear up as well. It broke your heart to know he was suffering. You closed your eyes as your tears fell and you felt a gentle touch to your face as England whipped your tears away. “I’ll get used to this, England.” You put on a smile as you hoped he was looking at you. What you didn’t see was his smile to you.

    -time skip-

    “Are you sure you want to do this, ______? It’s only been a couple of days.” Canada asked you as you nodded. You stood in the kitchen while Canada and America watched you.

    “I need to get used to the house by memory.” You told him. “Now tell me something easy to do in here.”

    “Stand still.” America said as you mocked a laugh to him.

    “How about a bowl of cereal?”  Canada asked as you nodded. You walked over feeling the counter as you felt the end where the cereal was kept. You reached up counting the boxes as you knew yours was the third from the left. You took it down as you took a clear glass bowl from the shelf below. You put on the counter as you felt your way to the fridge and reached for the milk and brought it to the cereal and bowl. “How was that?” You asked as you turned to look at them when you hit the bowl and heard it shatter on the floor.

    “Good until you dropped the bowl.” America said as you cursed under your breath. Out of habit you knelt down picking up the pieces of glass.

    “Oh ______,” Canada said as he got the broom. “I’ll get that you don’t…”

    “Ow!” You cringed as a piece of glass sliced your finger.

    “Oh mon chère!” You heard France as he hurried to your side. “Let me take care of that for you.” He helped you to your feet as he led you to the hall bathroom. He cleaned your finger and wrapped it up as you sat on the edge of the tub as you were silent. Tears started to form in your eyes as France wrapped your finger up. “Did I wrap it to tight, mon chère?”

    “No,” You said in a soft voice as the tears fell. You sighed as more tears came to your eyes. “I don’t know how I’m going to do this. I can’t do the simplest things without anyone’s help.”

    “It’s okay to ask for help.” France wiped your tears away.

    “I can’t let England see me like this though.” You said as you stood up. “I can’t let him see that I’m weak during this.”

    “______, you’re not weak.” France told you cupping his hands on your cheeks bringing you face to look at his, even if you couldn’t see him. “You are doing a wonderful job with such a change in your life.” You felt him kiss you in your forehead before he pulled you into a hug and just let you cry as he brushed your (h/c)hair with his fingers. After calming down you felt the walls as you stepped out of the bathroom.

    “Thanks for the help with the cut and letting me cry, France.” You said as you walked down the hall.

    “Ce n'était pas un problème,[It was not a problem] mon chère.” France smiled as he cleaned up the first aid.

    You had no trouble walking the house. You’ve done it so many time before. Well almost no trouble. You thought the hall was a bit longer until you felt your foot miss the first of the three steps leading to the living room. You fell forward as you felt a pair of strong hands catching you. Your hand held on the arm as you found your footing. “Russia?”

    “Da.” He chuckled as you stood up.

    “Thanks for the catch.” You smiled.

    “It’s not a problem, Sunflower.” He told you sitting you in the armchair. “I know China is making some tea. Would you like me to get him to make you some?”

    “Da.” You smiled as you knew Russia enjoyed when you used his language. You heard his footsteps fade as he walked away. You sat there as a strange smoky scent filled the air. You pondered on the smell and what it could have been. You gasped as you stood up. “England.” You made your way to the basement door knowing England had been working on a new potion to restore your eyesight.

    You opened the door to the basement as you tried to remember the basement layout. ‘There are seventeen stairs. First seven then turn left and the last ten.’ You told yourself as you quickly walked down the steps counting each step you took. You reached the bottom as you were listening for your British friend. “England?”

    “______? What are you doing down here?” He coughed as you felt the air burning your eyes making them water. “Get back.”

    “Not without you.” You said as you walked through the basement following the coughs you heard from your friend. You walked into an object that you didn’t remember being there as you knew it was England. You took him by the hand as you lead him through the basement to the steps as you guys made it up the stairs. You started coughing when you both got to the main house and sat on the floor.

    “Ai-ya!” you heard as you knew the others were near.

    “Sunflower are you alright?” You felt Russia’s hands on your knees.

    “What is it with you putting her in danger?” America asked.

    “I didn’t ask her to go down there you git!”

    You whipped your eyes as they watered and you looked up as your vision started to haze. You blinked as your eyesight cleared as you were looking in the faces of Canada, Russia and China. They all looked at you as they noticed your dull eyes became the normal bright (e/c) they used to be.

    “M-my sight!” You smiled. “I can see you guys!”

    “What?” England asked knelling next to you as you looked at him. He smiled as you threw your arms around his neck. Tears formed in his eyes as he hugged you but this time it was tears of joy.
Alright guys this is the second part of my "See no evil, Hear no evil, Speak no evil" theme. Here is the See no evil part. I hope you enjoy it ^^

Hetalia: Doesn't belong to me
You: don't belong to me

Axis x Deaf! Reader:…
Nordics x Mute! Reader:…
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AnimePanther921 Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2014
Wait......England? Magic? Blindness? HetaOni? If yes...... DA FEELS!! If no...... I either spoiled it for you or you don't know what it is will probably search it up and be traumatized either way I'm sorry for the spoils.....  
Mad-Mocha Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Lol and that is the connection. Being what happens in HetaOni the reader is blinded by England.
AnimePanther921 Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2014
Again....DA FEELS!!!
LailaBuscus Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
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All of them are good
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OMG I have a hallway with three steps that head into the living roomJawDropPlz 

It was a really good story though :)
Mad-Mocha Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
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and maybe that's where I got it from o.O lol nah J/k and Thank you I'm glad you enjoyed it
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love you china!APH: onion austria 
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